The Umbra of Earth. Composite picture of lunar Eclipse taken in Bejing. Shows curve of Earth's shasow.

I hope everyone had a good week last week and are now read for what’s coming up next. What is that you ask? I mean eclipses are coming. This time there are only two as compared to the three we had between April and May of this past spring. I’m sure we could be in for some turbulence on this trip so strap in for a wild ride just in case. Don’t forget to breathe, get enough rest and exercise, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetable and in general, be kind to yourself.

This week begins with a sweet trine between the Sun and Moon. This trine is in air signs and will be a good one for people in sales or needing to sell an idea of some sort. It’s a good week for ideas, being inventive and social. This could prove to be a wonderful boost to all those fall festivals and other social events scheduled for this week. By Friday the swift moving Moon will have moved another 90 degrees or so to oppose the Sun. Their positions in the sky are perfect for forming a lunar eclipse. The time for this eclipse is 7:50PM EDT and at 25 degrees Aries.

Mercury is a big player in our coming week. Doesn’t he always seem to be? This week he remains in close enough to Saturn to be called conjunct. This will continue cause us to lose focus or experience some tunnel vision. The Scorpio energy already wants us to go look at things more deeply. Saturn seems to magnify that in some ways. Scorpio knows life is not fair and is always looking for the truth of it. Mars in Scorpio will perhaps take us to deep conversations and written content to others almost to the obsession while Saturn makes sure we get it all right and stay within the boundaries and follow the rules. No doubt when Mercury goes as deep as Scorpio wants, we will find things that need to change. Saturn will be where we resist these changes. He is truly the old guard in our lives and in our world.

Merc RxAlso this week Mercury begins to slow down and enter what is called the storm period on the 15th before he stations and turns retrograde on the 21st. Use this week to tie up any loose ends you may have that concern contracts or other important legal or contractual matters. Mercury retrograde will give us few weeks of redoing, revisiting, recreating, re-anything things. It’s another good time to clean and clear, and since Mercury is in Scorpio this means going deep. Who says deep cleaning is only for spring time?

Venus is now in Sagittarius and feeling much less passionate. Sag is a fire sign however so she will indeed have her moments in this transit. Scorpio kept her focused on one or two people. During this transit the focus will be more universal. Venus will be more cheerful and more optimistic about her relationships. Enjoy this energy through the end of November.

Mars is hanging out in Virgo. Personally I enjoy the organization of Virgo’s influence in our lives. Perhaps this is because I have a Virgo Moon in my natal chart? At any rate, I credit this aspect for keeping my chaos somewhat organized.

Mars will oppose Neptune for the remainder for the October and this aspect certainly has my attention. This could mean problems loom on the horizon; hengki-koentjoro-masksproblems with things hidden or unseen. One thing I love about astrology is that it takes me out of my limited way of thinking and leads me to more metaphoric means of expression. Take the idea of things unseen for example. What kinds of things could be trouble that is also unseen? These days I would put drones in that category. While they are indeed seen, they still have an element of the unseen to them. They are swift moving and we never know what they are up to, who is controlling them or what their agenda might be. Also unseen are invisible enemies. This could be anyone from our own local elected officials and police officers to foreign agents of some sort. Poisonous gas, radiation, electromagnetic weapons are all things that are unseen. I am NOT saying that any of these things are going to cause problems. I am only pointing out some things that are unseen.

Mars opposition to Neptune could also make you feel like you’re in a fog some of the time and whatever you try to do, nothing works. Things seem lost in the haze of confusion. When this happens, stop and take some time away from the personal and look more toward the universal (a very good idea in my book.) This could blow smoke over some of the dangers this aspect might bring, making them not easily seen and even rejected as truth. Keep in mind the length of this transit. This is going to be with us until November 2, 2013.

Mars opposing Neptune can cause us to spin our wheels, be disorganized and not be as productive as we might like. Thinking outside our personal boxes and thinking more universally will be a much more productive way to spend the rest of this transit.

The end of the week, Friday, October 18th, brings us our last of three lunar eclipses for this year. Lunar eclipses are not as powerful as solar one. Nonetheless, they do pack some energy because the Earth, Sun and Moon are all aligned and add to each other’s energy. Europe, Africa and West Asia are in direct viewing of this eclipse. The majority of the North American and South American continents will be able to see a partial eclipse. Regardless of who is in view, the entire Earth will feel the effects. And should your birthday be that day or on April 18th, you could feel it more than others.

Eclipses stir things up and bring change. They help us transition. In these times of universal transition I could suggest they are even more powerful than in time past. They are thought to carry great messages and messages received on an eclipse day are thought to be a matter for our attention. This could hold true for message received up to four days on either side of an eclipse. I wish you all nothing but good news this week!