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Last week sure was interesting was it not? It’s a sign of the times no doubt. My feeling is that this fall is going to be like no other we have seen, at least in recent memory. There are no sign changes this week. Things could be a bit calmer in siome ways. Nothing is written in stone. Only time will tell.tumblr_m0zog2a3Bo1qiekquo1_500_grande

In last week’s post I talked about clearing out the skeletons in our closets. I meant to approach this in my own life consciously and with purpose. Instead, I was taken by surprise as things from my past popped up at the most unexpected times. I found myself face to face with a thought or feeling I had not noticed in years, or even decades. Equally as surprising, my dreams yielded an extremely clear epiphany or two which can’t recall happening before.

My dreams are usually stories set in familiar places and with familiar characters. Occasionally I don’t recognize much. Once a friend who had died a few weeks before came to me in my dream but I can’t say that I have ever had an epiphany, a very clear message come in dream. This was probably the most significant event of my week. I hope if things came up for you in a similar way that you were not over whelmed with emotions but were able to learn from whatever came up. I am still processing my stuff so don’t be alarmed if you feel like you need more time of perhaps had nothing come up. Nothing about the info I share is meant to be an absolute for everyone. I hope you take to heart any bits of info you need and leave the rest. We each must own our own experience.

This week the Sun in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries for the majority of the week. This transit can cause us to feel restless. Conforming is not your idea of a good idea right now and you resist any attempts to other make to have you follow rebellionaccepted rules of conduct. Depending on the situation this could be a good thing or it could be really bad. Remember traffic rules and laws are meant to protect us all. Try not to be too outrageous or uncooperative. Uranus can be stubborn but it might be in your best interest all the time.

Mars opposition to Saturn is going to add some fuel to the rebellious fires this week too. You should find it easy to see where the blocks in your path are. Protocol will get on your nerves this week. Tradition, rules and red tape play havoc with your patience. We can throw the boss and all manager types into this mix also. It might be a good idea to pay extra attention to your own actions and words this week. Take a time out for yourself when things begin to feel like they are getting to you and breathe deeply for a few minutes.

Mercury Is conjunct Saturn this week. Some things might require you to be clear headed, logical and serious. You can lose your focus however and develop a bit of tunnel vision toward the negative and perceived problems in your work place and your world in general. Saturn asks us to be accurate and precise in all we do but this can also lead to us being too hard on ourselves. Don’t worry about that a conversation you might have with the boss or other authority figure.

This week also presents us with a near Grand Cross. I say near because it is not perfectly formed yet its energy is indeed felt. A Grand Cross is formed when four planets are square each to another and two opposite planets are in opposition the each other. This forms a closed aspect and is quite active, dynamic and motivated.

I took a look at this cross and where it is hitting the national chart. Two things stood out to me. One was the transiting Sun conjunct the nation’s natal Saturn. And the other was Jupiter conjunct the nation’s natal Sun. The Sun is in reality only conjunct for about a day but because astrologers consider a few degrees on either side of an aspect, the Sun can be described as conjunct for a longer time.

The first conjunction, the Sun conjunct Saturn is very responsible and serious. I saturnbelieve we can expect this attitude to be played out in Washington in the following days. Expect more conflicts between our representatives and the White House and well as among the people.

But really, what is so unusual about this? Nothing! Keep this in mind as you hear the news this week.

The natal Sun conjunct transiting Jupiter will lend confidence to our stand no matter where that is. Jupiter is optimistic, abundant and helps our overall outlook. We believe things will get better. But getting better does not mean all things will go any particular way however. Plans are more easily realized with this transit. If you or the country is not working toward the best then mostly likely things will not go so well. Remember that other planets add their influence to this aspect too and nothing is written in stone. When this transit hits a personal chart you best bet for good outcomes in things is to be generous. Wonder if the folks in Washington could try this?

Otherwise in the sky, Mercury is soon to slow down (Oct. 15) and head into his next retrograde phase (Oct.25). Early this week he will be sextile Pluto, trine Chiron, quincunx or inconjunct Uranus, and conjunct Saturn. Look for communications to be more insightful as we tend to be more open to talking and ready to listen thanks to Pluto. Chiron will help us use words to heal and opens us to new ways to look at old problems. This is always a good thing.

Uranus can be a trouble maker and when it comes to an inconjunct aspect with Mercury, he could lead us to making decisions and drawing conclusions a bit too fast. The best way to avoid this is to be sure to take a time out. Get some alone time and think things over well.

Saturn will help balance the uncertainly Uranus brings to the table. He wants us to get good, solid results and is quite practical too. You might feel the need for more quite time alone to work or just to think things out. We can probably expect some serious conversations this week and it’s a good time to write

Last but not least I want to remind you that Venus is in Scorpio. Scorpio is known to be quite passionate. When Venus is touring this sign things can sometimes move from passion to obsession in a heartbeat. IF you are naturally the jealous type, this could be a tough time for you.

I’ve been thinking a bit about why I decided to study astrology deeper. I have not come up with a clear reason. All I know is each week that goes by I learn something new about myself. 2523190_f520