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This week is sure to be a good one. The weather here in the southeast is predicted to be great for the most part and I love these cooler temps and no rain. This is great weather for doing all those autumn clean-up jobs outside. Leaf raking is not far off either.

The first Planet I want to tell you about this week is Uranus. This planet as you might recall is about chaos, freedom, quick change, revolution, surprise, and often responsible for those quick flashes of pure genius we get. Sounds difficult, but Uranus actually pushes us to be our best for the highest good of all. This week Uranus makes his closest pass to our home planet, Earth. At the same time he will oppose the Sun in Libra. The Sun represents our ego, ourselves as we see ourselves. When he opposes Uranus we do not wish to conform and seek independence instead.

Uranus in Aries is looking for freedom from restrictions. This is evident all around us these days as you can see in the news. This also goes for freedom from relationships that restrict us in some way. Is it time to finally leave that job, retire from the PTA or any change_your_life_todayrelationship? Chances are you will feel the frustration that comes with inner change sometime this week. Many of us are sure to lose a few close people along the way. Not to worry or regret. This is all as it should be.

This week that fiery planet Mercury moves into Scorpio for an extended visit. He will be slowing down in about two and a half weeks and turns retrograde in about 3 weeks. Oh Joy. At least this retrograde does not fall over the winter holidays.

Virgo’s influence has had us working our organization. Last week we talked about clearing and purging this around the home. I hope you took that task to heart. I sure did. What I have done so far feels good. The mildew I have discovered makes me wish I had turned on the AC more than I did last summer. It was after all, a very wet summer here in the sunny south. Although the ceiling fans ran 24/7 there is enough of the grey fur about to force me to continue to clean and clear. Oh, I wish I were more of a minimalist. Maybe my closets would have more room in them.

Now that Mercury will be moving to Scorpio, it’s time to work on cleaning and closetcleaningclearing our inner closets. He’s lending a hand to the work the Uranus/ Sun opposition is helping us with. All of us have some emotional gunk to get rid of. Mercury in Scorpio is going to help us clear out that area of our lives too. Are you willing to look deep into your emotional closet? Will the skeletons scare you away or are you willing to deal with them and become a better person for it?

The Sun in Libra will lend balance to our inner closet cleaning. This will be a good thing when it comes to the opposition with Uranus. Most of us know how upsetting it can be to lose a long time friendship, especially when it comes from out of the blue and more or less blind sights you. I have had this very thing happen to me more than once in the past 5 or 6 years. At first I thought I had done something wrong. Then I realized these relationships had become increasingly negative and in fact sucked energy from me. There was no balance in them at all. Naturally I consulted my teachers and mentors with my concerns. Eventually I was able to accept what happened and let go of these people and wish them well on their path.

Rather than to lay blame to one person or the other as some people do. I am sure you have heard people say these things have more to do with the other person than with you. I choose a different view. I choose to see these things as a path of growth that is is longer in balance with the other. It does not matter who is growing faster or better than the other, as if we could actually gauge that. We are all doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. Sometimes our paths come back around to balance and sometimes they don’t. It is all as it should be. I am grateful for the time I had with these people and the fun times, love and friendship we shared for however long it lasted. I am grateful for those lost relationships that have also come back into balance

The moon in Virgo early in the week will support some of this cleaning we are doing. The moon is waning and will be in Libra and New Moon phase Thursday – Saturday. Time for new beginnings. Releasing all our old emotional baggage will create more balance in our lives. I am sure all of us could benefit from this type of clearing work.

Venus is also in Scorpio. Deep passions in relationships are the focus here. The superficial, flirty stuff does not work for us here. We are looking for deep connections now. Venus can be quite emotional when she is in Scorpio so be aware because things could get intense.

Mars has two more weeks of his tour of Leo. He’s proud and confident. I hope he lMargaret-614x264ends some direction to all my clearing this week. Taking the path of least resistance is sure to be in there somewhere. I need this energy because I sure can get caught on the details sometimes.

Tuesday the Sun will square Pluto. Ego meets death and destruction. Abuse of power is likely to play out in the news this week. But have we not been witness to this already in some of last week’s events? I find this quite interesting since we are once again so close to a government shutdown. It is time to see our own power. And stop manipulating for being manipulated.
This week I hope to continue my cleaning and clearing both inside and out. I will also be on the lookout for those power struggles that are certain to pop up in my world and the world in general. Things just get more and more interesting don’t they? Secret after secret are coming to light.

Creativity should get a boost this week too. I am excited because I’ve been feeling more creative of late. For now I plan to use this creative energy toward cleaning and clearing. How will you use it in your life this week?

Remember to be kind to yourself. Eat well. Apples are ripe and there are lots of good veggies coming in. Until next time, make this a good week!