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The air is getting cooler in the northern hemisphere and last week the harvest Moon was high. This week greets us with the Fall Equinox and the Sun changing signs. The Sun’s move into Libra brings energy of balance and the equinox marks one of two days each year when there is an equal amount of daylight and darkness.

The balance suggested by the Sun in Libra is visually expressed by its symbol of a woman holding a set of scales. Scales also suggest justice and equality or the lack there of. Combine this with energy of the recent harvest Moon and this is a great time for us to look at our own personal balance. Is our personal harvest in balance with what we sowed last spring? Is there justice in all that we do and in our relationships or is there something more we need to do to gain more balance. How about our health and diet, our work and leisure time, our giving and our taking, our love and our hate? This next month will be a wonderful time to make adjustments in all areas of our life and gain balance where there are things a little off kilter.Libra1

Sunday the Moon could throw a road block at your attempts to seek balance and have some fun. Tiny social upsets will be common today. Be sure to go with the flow and don’t let the small stuff get to you.

Mercury is also ion Libra. We feel more friendly and operate more peacefully, subtlety and diplomatic under this influence. This is good time to hone our skills or negotiation. Libra definitely calls us to see both sides of every issue.

Mercury will be square Jupiter Monday and Tuesday. Be cautious when sharing ideas. You could find yourself jumping to conclusions and missing some details. Jupiter represents expansion. Mercury is the messenger. Exaggeration under this influence is common as is being somewhat scatter brained. When we are aware of these things we are better able to deal with them both in ourselves and recognize them in others.

photoMars is in Leo and feeling proud and self assured. In this transit we are not too interested in the details and desire the path of least resistance. Just in time for that fall season and cooler temps, Mars in Leo brings our spirits up, and magnifies our goals and zest for life.

Venus is in Scorpio and she is feeling quite passionate and expressing lot of emotional and intense energy. Be careful not to become consumed by the an intense desire for relationships at this time. Scorpio and his desire for “all or nothing” can cause our relationships to take a rollercoaster ride.

Venus seems to be the focal point this week. Besides transiting Scorpio, she is in opposite the moon today, trine Jupiter, quincunx Uranus, and square Mars all week. Pay attention to your finances and avoid impulsive spending. (Personally, this is something I should always do.)Try not allowing your competitive streak get out of hand. This energy can be quite inspiring and creative so use it to its best advantage. No doubt there will be lots of feeling around and involving our emotions and relationships. There will be times we will want to be oh so close and other times we might want to flee and be free of them.


Relax, breathe and allow things to unfold. balance

Find your balance.

You now have the information you need to use this roller coaster of a week to your advantage.