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As I wrote last week’s blog I remember thinking the week held some interesting events for us. There was something about the Grand Cross (that actually takes form today – Wednesday), I could not quite put my finger on it. Then on Wednesday a huge storm hit and area west of Denver Colorado and dumped twice as much water as the largest amount they have ever recorded. As I look ahead and hear what other astrologers talk there is some interesting stuff coming later in the fall and next spring. But for now…..the Grand Cross will be powerful for most of this week.

Last week I mentioned the rest of the month would be sprinkled with strong aspects. The week is a good example as it begins with all the planets talking to another one. There are no wall flowers at the celestial party. More than half of the conversations are harsh. Plus there is a full Moon opposite Mars right in the middle of the work week. I’d say that emotional excitement might be driving this week’s train. Plan now to wind up those projects and end things after the full moon. You will have two week until the next new Moon and beginning new things.

planets_stripIt might be a good thing Venus’s flare for fun is diminished transit through Scorpio at the moment or else things could get entirely too wild. But remember that Venus is about more than fun and romance. She also rules things we hold dear and value. You know; things like money and love? Reminds me of a short lived TV show called “Dirty, Sexy, Money”. One of these things or all of them could take a hit this week. It might be interesting to watch the market this week. Stay calm clear headed and alert. Things will be alright.

To end the week, Pluto will turn direct on Friday. Just in time for the next absolute Pluto Uranus square on November 7th. Of course as most of you know, these two will be within square aspect for much longer and in near square aspect for next few years. Square aspect means they within 8 degrees either side of the exact 45 degrees apart although some astrologers allow this orb of difference to be up to 10 degrees. These planets are both being outer planets, move very slowly and stay closer longer than the inner planets. The Moon is the most swiftly moving planet making a complete circle around the sun in just 28 days while the outer planets like Saturn take 28-30 years and Neptune takes more than 164 years to complete an orbit.

The Sun opposes the Moon on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday the Moon opposes Venus. This could cause conflict between the physical and the emotional, what we need and want. Remember the Sun is in Virgo and she is feeling the need to tend to the smallest details of our lives.

At the same time the Sun is opposing the Moon, Venus will join forces with Saturn and sextile Pluto and trine Neptune. Saturn will lend some realistic power to our relationships and this good aspect with Pluto can help us see them with new perspective. Our attractions can be strengthened or weakened now so if you are feeling a break up coming this might be a good time to let it go. On the other hand this could be a sizzling time in the romantic department. Be patient and ask yourself what really matters to you. Come Friday we might not be feeling like putting our toes in the water or making waves.

Mercury’s opposition is going to play havoc with any clear thinking we are trying to do. You might find yourself daydreaming a bit more than usual and this is can be quite a good thing. Neptune lends our thoughts creativity and a certain amount of intuition. Mercury in Libra likes clear communications and can see more than just one side but when he opposes Neptune pretty pictures and creativity are seem more interesting. It could be easy to get lost in what it real and what is imagined. Those often well spoken folks could find the middle and the end of this week to be challenging when it come to finding the right words. Personally, I am used to not finding the right words.

neptune jupiter squareWe still have Neptune square Jupiter. If you are feeling a bit restless of late this could be why. Restlessness can be a motivator too. So if you are just now getting back into the swing of things after Saturn was retrograde this spring and half of the summer, this aspect just might be helping you to get things rolling. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Use this aspect for good impressions.

Jupiter is also still opposing Pluto. Again this is an aspect that will linger a while. Anytime a planet is in aspect to Pluto there is sure to be some sort of change. This aspect is probably more about what you want from your life. If success and status has been your past you could find moving more toward the real you and what will truly make you happy.

Another big week comes after this one. Fall is in the air and the astro charts reflect this seasonal change. And that is all I have to say about that for now. Till next week…enjoy life. Llive in peace, love and light.