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Today is September 11 2013, Most of us know this is the anniversary of a most tragic event that later became the justification for the United States to send troops into Middle East. The attack on the World Trade Center was blamed on a radical religious group. However, this is not what is foremost on my mind. What weighs on my mind today is man’s inhumanity to man.

Last night I read a new story about a Washington State couple who we found guilty of homicide by abuse as well as manslaughter. The couple killed their adopted daughter and was convicted of assault of a child for abusing a younger boy who was adopted at the same time the young girl was. The adoptive parents are said to have followed a Christian parenting book entitled ‘To Train Up a Child’.

This is just one of the many stories you can read in the news on any given day. The intensity of abuse varies but abuse is abuse. We are all abused. It’s a fact of life. We humans abuses other humans with thoughts, words and deeds; but why? Every religious belief on the planet teaches followers to love and care for all creatures on the earth. I’ve always been amazed at how we use

For the past year this blog has been mostly about astrology. When I started it I planned for it to be the place where I posted spiritual stuff or what I call “woo-woo” stuff. Today being such an emotional day, I feel compelled to address our inhumanity and spirituality, and a bit of astrology too.

Every culture and belief system on the planet speaks of a time of great change that will end with a time of peace and abundance. Most of my life I have believed I would live to see what the Bible calls the “end times”. My studies and teachers have all taught that we must become more loving and grateful in order to experience this coming era of peace. They all speak of raising our vibrations. Dr. David Hawkins, a globally known psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, spiritual lecturer, mystic, and author of over eight books, clearly outlines this concept. Peace and love cannot exist at a low vibration. With this knowledge it stands to reason the term ascension is actually referring to a mass rising of consciousness or vibration.

This summer the planetary aspects have been indicating more and more big change. Change within ourselves, our governments, nations, around the globe, and with intense weather events. The planets are pushing open the doors to the secret vaults we have we have kept secrets from the world and from ourselves. Transformation time has truly come and no one can stop it. After all this is what prophesies have talked about for millennium. The planets are truly aligned to bring the skeletons out and

From one perspective it seems the only way out is to dump more chemicals, write more controlling laws to oppress and control the increasing numbers of people who are waking up and understanding what is really going on. Creating fear is the best way they know of doing this. Fear has a very low vibration and actually causes disease. A sick population full of fear is easy to control.

Now of course there are things we can do to help this transformation along. I remember one of my friends saying “I just want to ascend.” He proceeded to spend lots of money on all sorts or classes, amulets, gemstones and even anatomical gold. While these things might be helpful, nothing will work as well as love.

Besides learning more and more about the astrological aspects this summer I have also been reading various ancients texts. Many of them also foretell of this time of transformation. One of the very first things I read was man would never shift h is cionsciuoness, ascend to the higher vibrations and make it to the era of peace unless he was generous to all and without greed or bound to the material.

The greed caused by the love money has always been a hard concept for me to grasp. I understand we all need money for food, clothes, shelter, transportation and even a vacation or two now and them. What I don’t get is the need for a more than one needs. Why do we amass wealth on the backs of others who are poorly paid and taken care of? Why do we shun the disadvantaged, the ill, and the disabled? Why are we threatened by or feel superior to those different from us? Why are we afraid of our own reflection?

The ancient texts describe mediation as being very important. This helps us directly connect with the source from which we came. Mediation helps keep us healthy. So does living as naturally as possible. Good clean food and water are of course part of a healthy body, mind and soul. Nowhere does it say wealth or material goods will be of benefit in these matters although some surely disagree.

Today as the country remembers the events on this day in 2001, I am looking to the future. I am looking to the day when we will no longer need war and everyone will be respected, loved and have their hearts desires. I am not sure if I will live long enough to see this. I hope so. In the meantime I will do what I can to make things right with me. The higher I can hold my vibration the better I can help the world raise its vibration and shift. I know the planets are in position to help me transform and clear out my spiritual and emotional closets. I hope you will do the same. I am here to help if you need that too.