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september 2011

Welcome to September! Today is a monumental day in some ways. Effective today the Federal Reserve Commission loses its chief and one of its Governors. Janet Napolitano’s resignation from the Department of Homeland Security is also effective today. Across the Atlantic the Papal Decree issued on July 11, 2013 by Pope Francis is also effective. This decree removes the immunity that was enjoyed by all judges, attorneys, government officials and all entities established under the Roman Curia or the governing body of the Roman Catholic Church. As I understand this, but don’t quote me for I am NO expert, all persons and corporations formed under the Roman Curia are now to be held accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The decree in its entirety can be found here: http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/francesco/motu_proprio/documents/papa-francesco-motu-proprio_20130711_organi-giudiziari_en.html What follows from this is sure to be interesting.

If you have been watching the news these past few days, you know we could soon be sending troops to Syria. I mention this not to begin a dialog on war but to 01_mapconnect with what astrologers have said about the Star of David being an aspect that could herald war. Only time will tell for sure and my guess is the news will be short coming. I am at peace with it all and hope you can find a peaceful place as well.

On a more upbeat note, this week brings us the new moon; time for new beginnings and releasing things. Sensitive persons out there could be feeling this already and certainly most of us will by late Tuesday or early Wednesday. The actual New Moon is on Thursday at 7:36 AM EDT. The Moon will be in earthy Virgo and you might feel the need to organize things, especially your everyday life. Make lists of goals whether is purging the house or work space or forming a new health plan including nutrition and exercise. You will enjoy marking things off your list and finding more ways to successfully manage your life while reducing clutter on all levels. Besides maintaining a loving and grateful attitude and vibration, we can do little else to effect change in the world. And while that action alone is more powerful than most of us realize, we will do well to spend our energies on our own lives and our own surroundings. This is where we will be able to ‘see’ change.

I have a Virgo moon and have been feeling this one coming for a while. I was chatting online with a friend the other day and told them I felt a purge coming on. I can’t wait to actually get busy. Question is…..when will I allow this to happen? That is a subject all on its own and I will leave that right where I dropped it for now. Ha!

The Sun in Virgo lends its energy to the order the Moon is guiding us towards finding. Virgo is very practical and detailed. She is intelligent, loves to gather facts and information, and has an excellent memory. Virgo is sometimes restless both in mind and body, and even when she is sitting still her mind seldom is at rest making meditation sometimes difficult. She can be intense, enthusiastic and a perfectionist. She likes a certain amount of order to her world and if anyone is good with finding order in chaos, it’s a Virgo. Her thinking is clear like crystal and this makes her a wonderful go to person for her friends who seek consult. I am very grateful for my Virgo Moon and need to work with this energy more than I do.

Mercury is in Virgo for the rest of this week and the first few days of next week. This helps our communications to be clearer than they were earlier this summer. I’m sure this has helped all the parents and students out there as they get ready to go back to school.

mars in LeoMars has just moved into Leo. This transit will last until mid October. Mars as you know is the planet of war. He shows us how we respond when we are angry and how we respond to the anger of others. When he’s in Leo he tends to have a mind of his own. He can be generally uncooperative when his pride gets in the way. This is one good reason to pay attention to astrology. With information such as this you might be more mindful of your conversations and dealing with others and be able to smooth out any ruffled feathers that could show up in your life. Remember that Leo is a fire sign and all about being dramatic and Mars is also fiery and can get hot under the collar. I am trying hard to avoid talking about what is going on in the news but give the coming debate over Syria, I feel like this transit is particularly interesting. My idealistic self is staying on the side of peace and love and hope you are too.

As I look at this week’s daily charts I see this week is another one where every planet is in aspect to another one. I’ve described this before as when people are talking. When the aspects are sextile or trine the conversation is agreeable and when it is opposite or square the conversation is not going so well. Last week Pluto was holding court with all but two planets. This week he is down to just five. So things with him have calmed down some. Pluto is still in a heated debate with Jupiter and Uranus and as I have said before, this is going to last for a while. Please refer back to previous weeks for more on these aspects.

Venus is in Libra which is a nice comfy place for Venus to be. Venus had rather be partnered up that fly solo and Libra is the sign of partnerships. In contrast Venus is currently opposite Uranus and wants to break the rules of love and partnership. This can be confusing to our long time partners and at the same times can be rather interesting. Should you suddenly find yourself wanting to bust out a bit and break some new ground, even do something daring, be aware that it’s the influence of Uranus. Hold tight! This wild hair will be soon make way for Venus in Scorpio. Ooo La La!

Saturn is square Mars and adding to the heat we have already discussed. Saturn is authority, stubborn and he makes us strong with trials and tribulations he puts before us. Keep this in mind this week as things unfold.

Last but not least Neptune is opposite the Sun. Oh My! Good time to be creative and nourish your soul. The purging and clearing I spoke of early in this post can be creative and nourishing. With that positive tidbit, I will close this week’s post. The weather forecast in my area for the coming week looks like it will be hot and steamy. Do your best to keep your cool and keep a level head. Stay true to yourself and in a loving space, be creative and don’t forget to pay attention to your communications with others.help-others

Remember there are many, many people in need. I feel sure most of you can spare a dollar or two to help someone with medical bills or whatever they may need money for. Dollars make tens and tens make hundreds. And before you know it someone is out of need. Share some love, it’s all good!