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This is week starts off with another Grand Cross and a near Grand trine. Lot of folks are calling it a Grand trine or Star of David just like we had on July 29th. This one is not as perfectly formed as the last one but its close. The energy of it is definitely with us and is sure to be felt by us all in more than one way.


The Grand Trine of July involved Jupiter/Mercury, Moon, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, and Venus. This one is Sun/Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. There is also a Grand Cross formation that pivots off Pluto and brings in Mercury. Pluto is definitely the big dog in these formations with seven planets aspecting him. If you recall, he is the planet that tears down and builds up again. He is both our misery and our delight, represents our evolution transformation, He leads us to the deep recesses of ourselves and asks us to transform. Then he erases the blackboard of our lives and brings up to our new self.

Pluto shows up in mass media, large crowds of people like the one that gathered on Saturday in Washington DC or the large numbers protesting in Egypt. Some of the more negative ways Pluto shows up is bombings, terrorism, earthquakes and volcanoes. He is the lord of the underworld and things hidden. With the majority of these aspects in cardinal water and earth we can expect sudden, strong activity for sure.

I was on the phone with my mother yesterday and she told me about a sudden storm that popped up as she was getting home from lunch with a friend. She drove that last half mile home in what she described as a blinding downpour, pulled under her carport against the blowing rain but did not get out of the car until it had eased off some. She described a few frighteningly loud claps of thunder that seemed so close they might have come from behind the house across the street. My mom who is not easily shaken was clearly startled by the intensity of this small storm. This is what Pluto’s energy is like. It’s all or nothing.

Now back to the Star of David formation. This time it is given a boost by a cardinal Grand Cross. Remember, Pluto is in aspect with seven planets. That is a whole lot of power for such a small but planet and it will be my focus for today.

Pluto3Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn from 2008-2023. He is working on breaking up the conservative, rigid side of business and commerce to uncover a more progressive and spiritual outcome. Let’s do the less favorable aspects first and end with the good stuff. Shall we?
Pluto square Venus: Relationships could take a hit as we are asked to look at a peel away another layer of the onion we call life. This takes us out of our comfort zone and into uncharted territory. Yikes! There are skeletons in our closets we had rather not get out but this square aspect is sure to bring something up to the surface for review. If we don’t do the hard work and deal with it, it will only come up later and perhaps with more fury. Best to get as much out of the way as you can now while there is a fair amount of trine and sextile energy to support us.

Pluto opposite Jupiter: Wow! This one has been with us for while now. Our view or perspective of life is what is under the glass here. If you have stuck to your own personal ethics, philosophy and spiritual views and worked hard toward them, you will reap your reward. If not this could be a difficult time for you. If a spiritual aspect has been missing from your life, this could be the catalyst that brings about a change in the direction. If this is not your style, don’t sweat it. Relax and ride through this aspect. Things will happen as they should. Your instincts should be good now so trust them to guide you to be the best you can be and reach your goals.

Pluto square Neptune: This aspect is interesting. It challenges our spirituality to change via our darker side. How scary is that? The deep, un-evolved parts of us are begging to be transformed. Pluto wants us to clear things out, get rid of our emotional and mental baggage. Neptune being a sensitive water planet has rather not deal with all this and this is where much of the challenge comes in. It is perhaps best to accept this task and face this challenge straight on. While is might be painful, real transformation in on the other side.

Pluto is sextile Saturn: Focus on body, mind, and spirit. Discipline and concentration are your friends right now. The hard work some of the other planets are asking you to do will get support from this aspect.

Pluto trine the Moon: Relationships can deepen and grow on a very personal level. Call someone you care about and have not talked to in a while. You never know, you could mend some fences or a least expand or deepen an already great friendship.

Pluto trine the Sun: New hobbies, new career path or job, new exercise or health regimen, or whatever it takes to gain an improved view of life is what this energy is all about.

Pluto trine Mercury: Intensely focused, mind expanding and deep probing. A good energetic influence for those with research projects or who wish to study the why and how of things. (My kind of energy.)

Other aspects this week include Venus opposing Uranus and square Jupiter. t’s not the best time to begin a new relationship. This is a battle between independence and wanting to be close. We desire more happiness and gratification but we could take this to the extreme and become obsessive. Caution should be taken when expressing feelings. With Venus square Jupiter there is a tendency to give too much weight to them and be unrealistic.

There is nothing about this week that is clear cut and easy. Tuesday fiery Mars enters loving Leo for six weeks. Fighting fire with fire is sure to be part of this transit so stay alert and choose your battles carefully. I will be back with more next week!