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Full-Moon-588x441This week we get another Aquarius full moon just like last month. This is the most powerful time for the moon and the two weeks following a full moon is the best time to finish things up. This particular moon in Aquarius leads us to find the pivot point of between our fun and pleasure and what is best for the good of all. Sometimes our ego can run away with us and sometimes we give away too much of our own power. Balance is always best and the key to living a happy productive life.

The Sun leaves Leo this weeks and moves into Virgo. This sign, like Gemini, is Virgo1ruled by Mercury and it is Mercury that gives Virgo’s the motivation toward perfection and great accomplishment. The Virgo person might look like they are calm and relaxed but be sure there is much activity going on inside. They are very organized; love the details and continually working on becoming a better human. Virgos are intelligent, love to gather facts and are quite practical.

All this organization and attention to detail will get a huge boost this month thanks to Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury. Just two days after the Sun enters Virgo, Mercury follows. I’m feeling more organized already! If you aren’t if could be Mercury’s placement in your chart. Over I am betting I hear about lots of cleaning, clearing and rearranging going on in the next few weeks.

Mars will continue on his way through Cancer this week. He is has not been a happy camper in Cancer but if you’ve been getting some of those DIY projects done you can thank Mars in Cancer. If not then you have till the end of the month to take advantage of this energy. I sure have gotten a few things knocked off my list and have a few more I plan to work on this week.

Venus is still square Pluto. Sizzle; sizzle as the heat is up on passion but not without a secret agenda. Jealousy and feeling possessive could be the rule of the day or week in this case. This is not a good time to begin new relationships. Venus square Pluto’s has a suspicious nature, doesn’t want to lose and can be quite manipulative. None of these are characteristics of a good relationship. Avoid any plays for power and focus this passion on more domestic endeavors.

The Venus square Pluto is tempered by the fact the she is now traveling the sign of Libra through September 11th. This sign is charming and always looking for balance while maintaining a certain amount of detachment. Venus in Libra is willing to compromise and negotiate in all her relationships, the flip side of detachment and a bit of coolness. Her flamboyant side is rather subdued in Libra and she wants to do things the right way. She is turned off by aggressiveness and bad manners. Venus in Libra tows the line and wants things done right and rules followed. Should all this sound like it will cramp your style, fear not. This week the planet of love will also oppose Uranus. Sparks are sure to fly and things could change in a instant. So hold on to your hat!

correggio_venusandcupidwithasatyrA busy Venus and the Sun will be opposite Neptune this week. This energy makes us hungry for happiness and view things through your rose colored glasses. We are under Neptune’s dreamy influence here so it might be avoid signing contracts and making formal agreements. This is not an ideal time for big financial decisions or initiating legal processes. Good decision making is lacking with this Neptune/Venus opposition.

Thursday brings us another grand cross in the sky. This one involves Venus and Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto. All in all there are eleven days in August that have a grand cross formation in them and in cardinal signs. In case you have not noticed, this month is a bit of a roller coaster. Have you noticed the stock market? Up one minute and down the next. Again I am going to suggest that you focus energies on domestic things. School is about to start. It is a time for new backpacks; new schools clothes and either hand down or get rid of the old. Don’t forget there the thousands of folks that are out of work and have lost their unemployment. They have kids too and they will need your gently used hand-me-downs and donations of school supplies. Seek out churches and organizations the serve the homeless to give your donations to. Goodwill and Salvation Army are great options but there are many people that can’t even afford shopping at the thrift stores. Check with your neighborhood church first and always. You don’t have to be a member or attend or even believe in order to help someone in need.

I’ve said before this summer is full in interesting aspects and I don’t think they are going to be limited just to this summer. Looking ahead I see another Grand Cross coming in September and the Jupiter Pluto opposition remains till nearly mid September. I will be bringing you more on this of course and time moves on. Have a great week folks!


Painting: Venus and Cupid with a Satyr by Correggio, 1524-1525