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Wow and double wow! Last week was sure an emotional one. Feel free to share your stories in a comment. I would love to hear if and how you were affected.

One of my sources says this is a quiet week. After the past few really busy weeks I for one and ready for a little slow down. However when I look at the chart beginning with Sunday the 11th the first thing I see is a Grand Cross. The Grand Cross energy is always dynamically strong and intense no matter which planets are involved. This is brief one involving the Moon opposing Uranus and Jupiter opposing Pluto. Emotions on Sunday could be all over the place and change in an instant.

Half of the Grand cross is the Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter T- Square that has been with us for a while now. This T- Square will remain with us throughout this week and into the third week of September. We will see two more Grand Crosses before this T-Square dissolves on September 20-21. The Jupiter Uranus opposition is assisting us in breaking free of the old and helping us to bring in the new. As we can see all around us this is rubbing against the grain for many and the old guard is defending its turf. Ultimately change is inevitable and often not very pleasant.


We can see this in the world outside our own and in our personal lives as well. You have most likely heard that 1969 was “the summer of love”. I think this is “the summer of change”. I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone with a nearly lifelong friend this summer. He’s been going through some rough personal changes. I am grateful I can be on the other end of the line for him. Earlier this week he called to tell me he thought the retina in one of his eyes had detached and he was seeing a doctor the next day. He was then referred to s specialist and surgery was scheduled for Thursday. This guy is one of the most optimistic, active people I know. He will need to be out of work and have his head down or even upside ?????down for two weeks. Even then they are not sure they can save his eye. He is uninsured and living in an area where he really doesn’t know anyone. Talk about changes?

In the grand scheme of things my friend’s troubles are mild compared to what many others are experiencing. Change is upon us and it’s not just affecting a few, its affecting all of us. Be aware and do your best to be sensitive to the needs of others even if all you can do it talk to them on the phone. Sometimes that means more than you know.

The big news in the sky this week is that Venus moves into Libra. The old girl has not been too comfy in Virgo these past few weeks. She prefers to have more fun than errands and day to day things offer but that has been the energy of the past few weeks and its good to balance fun with some duty now and then. Late Friday, August 16th until September 12th she will be a happy camper in the sign of Libra. She will urge you to create harmony in all your relationships through compromise and negotiations. There will also be an idealistic fell about love and a need for things NOW, but aggressiveness and impolite behavior will not fly while Venus is in Virgo.

The shadow side of Venus in Libra is being superficial, overly dependent, and incompatible. Need I say more? Try not to rub those you love the wrong way. Instead, use this time to create better relationships be it love or money. I’m sure we can all use some help in these areas and the Universe is now lending a hand.

Mercury will be in Leo for nearly another two weeks. Focus on your goals and the bigger the better. Confidence is high under this influence and so is our ability to tell the story. Mercury in Leo can be quite convincing you know. Use this energy well or it will turn on you.

Mars in Cancer is still causing some mood swings. We tend to be on the defensive more when Mars is in Cancer. Mood swings definitely are the rule here so we can change our mind in an instant. This will continue through most of the month. By the end of August however we should begin to feel a shift. Mars moves into Virgo late on the 27th.

So there you have it for this week. Comments are welcome. I hope this helps in some small way to make your life better. More next week…….