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Last week I talked about the heavy rains all over the planet. My hometown made the national news when it got a most unusual downpour of 7 inches in just two hours. My state and my hometown in particular are not prone to flooding. Is it just a coincidence that the planetary aspects point to lots of water? Maybe this is true and maybe it’s not. From what I’ve learned lately, the phrase as above, so below has more meaning that we might have once thought. The link below is a short video of the flooding around the globe in the past week.


The Grand Trine that took place this past Monday sure had some grand energy to it. I noticed that I felt uplifted compared to the past weeks. I also read lots of reports about people feeling the same. Some people reported feeling more loving and peaceful overall. The Grand trine will play a key part in our learning what we are here to do.

Last week I also wrote about how all the planets were in aspect to each other. It was a busy week both in the sky and in our personal lives. One of the formations created by some of these aspects is the “mystic rectangle”. Thursday August 8, 2013 all the planets will again be in aspect to another and this same rectangle figure will form in the skies again. But what does this all mean?

Planets, signs and houses all have a personality of sorts. When they are in aspect, it’s almost as if they are in a conversation. When they are in one of the harmonious aspects conjunct, trine or sextile, they are happy, supportive and relaxed. When planets are opposed, square or quincunx to each other they are not in agreement, uncomfortable, and challenging to each other. There is more to these aspects that involve the elements and the mode of the planets but I am going to keep a difficult study as simple as I can today and leave the elements and modes for a later date perhaps.

The mystic rectangle is made up of both challenging and harmonious aspects. The rectangle_harmoniquechallenging ones are the two oppositions. This go round one is between Jupiter and Pluto and the other is between the Moon and Neptune. The harmonious aspects are two trine and two sextiles. With all these conversations going on between planets, there are sure to be questions and problems but also solutions to come out of them. The moon is involved so emotions will be too. This particular mystic rectangle is taking us deeper into our true meaning, our purpose, and our dreams. Clearly our dreams are not all the same.

This week begins with Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon all in the water sign of Cancer. Sunday and into Monday we might feel like we are drowning the flood waters of our own emotions. Mars is opposing Pluto and your emotions to be could extra sensitive. Try not to force your will on others. Their response could be a bit sharp as well and cause friction between you. Remember that no one wants to be controlled anymore than you do so be respectful and patient.

creativity1When you get bored with how ordinary your life is going, send time doing something creative or even better work, on those dreams and visualize what you want in your life. The Grand Trine with Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune still with us. Manifesting energy is still strong. Don’t waste this opportunity to create and make things happen.

Jupiter in Cancer is in a T- Square with Uranus and Pluto. Jupiter is called the great benefic because he expands all he touches or aspects, and brings joy and abundance to our lives. When in cancer he enhances our feelings of security and family. Jupiter expands the feelings of connectedness from the family to the community and ultimately to the world. The Uranus – Pluto part of the T- square represents the struggle between independence and order or control. Jupiter in opposition magnifies these two energies causing us to both rebel with more determination and also hold on harder to what we know. Change is difficult even for the planets.

Mars is lending his initiative and fire to the mix to the T-square as he also opposes Pluto through at least the first half of the week and most likely, all week. Mars is a child and wants his needs met. Since he is in Cancer he is looking for security. Pluto wants to find the places we are too dependent and thin them out. Feelings could get hurt if you butt in where you are not wanted. Mars is also in close proximity to the Moon this week and will play a key role in our emotions are the Moon transits through Leo, Virgo and Libra. This will also give us different views of who we really are and want to be.

Tuesday there is a Leo New Moon. It is under the dark of night that we plant seeds we want to grow well. It’s a good time to get the fall garden planted and a good time to begin new creative projects and even relationships. I mentioned manifesting with the Jupiter Saturn trine, add the New Moon to that and all I can say is be sure to be clear about what you want! Your dreams a visions are sure to take root as the moon get bigger as the week progresses. I also want to emphasis creativity as Leo lends the Moon some extra energy to our creative endeavors.

Thursday Mercury will join the Sun in fiery Leo. Our communications should be less emotional. Remember Leo is dramatic, creative, charming and sometimes self centered. You can expect your communications to reflect these characteristics. Venus is also in Leo and not very happy here. Be cautious with your words, especially when it comes to those we hold most dear. Focus on your creativity but don’t let things get out of hand either.

This week is sure to be another interesting week thanks to the many interesting planetary conversations. When things get rough remember this too shall pass. Also remember the Uranus Pluto influence that is akin to being on a see-saw. Last week it was flooding, next week we could be dry as a bone.

meteor-shower_2Finally, it is almost time for the annual Perseid meteor shower. If the skys are clear in your area you might see some meteors this week. The peak will come early next week between the 11th and 13th. Astronomers expect to see between 50 and 100 meteors an hour during the peak.  This is a breathtaking sight!