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presence“Presence” by Vandorn Hinant, all rights reserved


This is it! The week astrologers have waited for all year.  The Grand Sextile will take absolute form on Monday, July 29th and 4:56 A.M. and lasts through 8:06 A.M. on July 30th. Of course we’ve been feeling this energy for some time now, half of is at least. I’ve been talking about the Grand Trine for weeks. The Grand Sextile forms when two Grand Trines come together to form a star tetrahedron. All in all there are six trine aspects and six sextile aspects and three oppositions. The Trines and the sextile aspects are considered favorable, while the oppositions are challenging.


None of this is visible to the naked eye but if you know how to generate and read a chart for Monday you can see the star tetrahedron or Star of David in the chart. Earth is always the center point in the chart. This means there are actually seen points, not just six. All seven planets are in the feminine signs of water and earth. On Grand trine is in water which is an element of the female, healing, sensitivity, emotions and fine art and healing arts. The other Grand trine is in cardinal earth signs. Earth is the element associated with not only grounding but our strength and stamina, willpower, nurturing, security, efficiency and level-headedness.


Beautiful-Water-Clouds-21This energy has come to life around the globe in the form of water and landslides. People are dead from mudslides in China and India, and flooding seems to be on nearly every continent. Australia, England, Wales, Alberta Canada, many areas in the US has had more than a fair share of water this summer. Saturday there were flash floods in my home town causing small bridges to wash out and lots of homes and cars have water damage.


The news if full of emotionally charges stories too. I don’t think it matters what your political views or beliefs are, there is emotion everywhere you turn. News story after news story relating to some form of security, nurturing or the lack there of, beautiful stories of healing and love too. Its important to stand back and take an objective view now. All things will be ok. We need to use that level-headedness available to us now.


divine-feminineAll this energy heralds the return of the divine feminine and brings the Christ consciousness energy to the planet. No wonder we are seeing the fairer sex being attacked from all points. The old guard and male energy is fighting to hold on.  This can’t and won’t happen however. The Ancients have told us this time was coming and now its here. We are just beginning to see things shift and change. The aspects with summer are moving us along rapidly but we have a long way to go before we are settled in the new feminine energy, the era of peace that’s been prophesied.

( image  source   http://omtimes.com/2012/08/the-rebirth-of-the-new-divine-feminine-energy/)

There are so many aspects this week. I am not going to attempt to get into much of an explanation for three reasons. One is my skill level as an astrologer is not high enough to explain it all, I don’t want to lose you and my heart just isn’t in the amount of research this requires since a dear to my heart friend transitioned Friday.

Should you be sincerely interested in knowing more on this Grand Sextile, I suggest you Google it and do your own research.  And Just to get you started here is a link: http://galacticspacebook.com/profiles/blogs/this-is-the-big-one-we-ve-all-been-waiting-for-the-grand-sextile


For now, don’t be concerned about these aspects. The Sun is in Leo, the weather will give us some breaks here and there so go have some fun! Leo demands it. Congratulations to the British Royal family on the birth of the newest little prince who also happens to be a Leo. If you someone born under this sign you know they like to have fun and be in spotlight. This little guy will most likely not be shy as he grows up.


The planet news this week includes Mercury being fully direct and in his last 10 days or so of his Cancer transit. Have you noticed that you have been seeking more quality in things around you? You thoughts may have been more personal and less global.  If you have been having difficulty focusing your intentions, the energy could be part of the distraction.  Mercury in the water sign of Cancer affects our emotions, objectivity, and focus.


Venus will be in Virgo through the 16th. She is exactly comfy here but its all good because she is being rather practical now. While she transits Virgo we tend to show our love in organized, practical are far less self indulgent than Venus usually is. For now she directs us to show our love by being there, attending to details and being of service to those around us. Counter to this helpful side of Venus is the shadow side that is nitpicky, bothersome, irritating and overly critical of a partner or loved one.  Watch out!


Mars is nearly midway through his transit of Cancer. We are keen on our passions but are not really taking a direct approach toward them just now. Our plans and goals vacillate with our emotions and we can be a bit on the defensive just now even to point of being overly aggressive.  I think it’s a good thing most of the other planets have moved past this watery influence.  However Mars will remain here until nearly the end of August.


Saturn in Scorpio is still dealing with truth in all things and all relationships. This is especially true for us as individuals. Saturn in Scorpio asks us to go deep and discover who we really are.  This of course is not a place we like to go. There are boogers there and we are afraid to face the dark recesses of our minds. Saturn in Scorpio wants us to evolve and face the big bad boogie man head on. If you’ve not already started, you better get busy. Change is extremely hard as we all know but when we do change, great things happen. The choice is yours and there are plenty of folks ready, willing and able to help you if you find yourself stuck. Just remember you might have to look outside your circle of friends to find the help you need and it’s ok to do that.  Know that you are not alone.


That is about it for me this week. I wish you a good week ahead.