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Last week I briefly mentioned my lifelong fascination and study of Bible Prophesy. I would like to continue with that thought for bit without inviting any form of debate on the matter. I’m not asking anyone to agree with me or disagree. I ask that you simply take what is written here today and always as entertainment only. If any of this resonates with you, great. If not, that is great too.


I spent six years in intensive Bible prophecy study with a friend. It was during that time that some of my childhood beliefs about Christianity were shattered. I discovered that astrology was not the evil and that astrological symbols and charts were common in religious paintings found in the world’s most prestigious cathedrals and that the Bible its self is full of references to the heavens. Much more than just the star that led the wise men to Bethlehem. My mind opened to more and more understanding and study and led me to where I am today; still studying, still learning,

There is much on the internet lately about a Star of David formation that is forming. Much of it is centered on the work of one man, Luis (Lu) Vega. Mr. Vega is political scientist and member of the programming and instructions staff at Sonoma State University in northern California. Mr. Vega has a particular interest in number patterns, end times and astronomy. His work is quite fascinating if that sort of thing interests you. From what I have seen with my first look at his work, he is in agreement with some of the connections my friend and I made to signs and Jewish holidays. Unfortunately I have forgotten most of that study since it was nearly 20 years ago. You can find his web page listed at the end of this post.


Now back to this week’s astrology……….
Grand-trine-2013Over the past few weeks I have talked about the various Grand Trines that have formed in the sky. The trine or the triangle is a basic building block of all matter throughout the Universe. The study of this is called Sacred Geometry. It is said that geometry can explain how the Universe was created. It all starts with a point (God). The point projects itself out and creates a line. The line projects out in another direction and forms another line. When you connect all the lines you get a triangle, the most stable shape there is. This week the triangle involves the same planets are last week, Saturn, Neptune and Mars/Jupiter conjunct making twin Grand Trines. This is boosting out manifesting and serving up an extra helping of good mojo to counteract some of the more difficult aspects occurring now too.

The week begins with Mercury direct and picking up speed. It won’t be till weeks end that we are completely out of his backward influence so hold onto your tongue a little longer.

Venus is opposing Neptune. Romance could be a more illusion than usual and upsets are more common with this influence.

Mars is conjunct Jupiter and opposing Uranus. The Mars Jupiter union in Cancer is fueling our ambitions around our home, security and families with lots of energy and mental clarity. Remember our home can be viewed as our state, country, planet or universe. With both planets in the water sign of Cancer don’t be surprised if you experience some personal water works.

Uranus is opposing both Mars and Jupiter adding some sparks of change into the mix by forming a kite. You might suddenly feel like getting away from it all and taking a short trip someplace. Pay close attention to your spending though. It could get out of hand quickly sand get you into trouble. This is another long-lasting aspect sure to stir things up for another month.

There is also the ongoing Uranus Pluto Square and add Mercury to that to make a T-Square. Wow! Communications can be deep thanks to Pluto but also detached. Maybe we really are letting go?

Leo1Monday the 22nd Venus changes signs and moves into Virgo. The Sun moves into Leo and there is a Full Moon in Aquarius. Venus has a hard time trying to please Virgo for the next four weeks. She doesn’t fit n to Virgo’s idea of what is prim and proper. It could be best to concentrate on serving others. Why not begin planning for the fall and winter charity season of giving? Venus will be happy and you will be getting a jump on things too.

The next four weeks the Sun will be having lots of fun in the fiery sign of Leo. This sign can be a bit self-centered and certainly like its fair share of the spot light but all in all it a good-natured, fun and loving as they come. This Sun will no doubt work hand in hand with the Grand Trine in helping us to fulfill our dreams and find fun ways to express ourselves. Later in the day the Full Moon will shine on our uniqueness, intelligence and humanity.

The important and powerful aspects are making astrologers dizzy this summer. The Grand Trine is a real head turner and the coming Grand Sextile on the 29th is really big news. It’s not over after this month however. Not only is the Grand Trine is going to be with us till mid August, on the 21st of that month a Grand Cross forms that will last a week. All of these aspects that involve the outer planets are felt long before and long after the actual form is in place. This Grand Cross involved Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto and I guarantee we are feeling it now. These alignments and configurations are definitely making me think of the signs of the times. I’m glad I’ve got the work of Luis Vega to study now.