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celebration-of-spring-seasonThis could be a summer to remember for many reasons. We are just two weeks away from a Grand Sextile, a rare planetary aspect. This was last seen here on the east coast was just before midnight February 6, 1945. Between this and the 29th when the next Grand Sextile will take form, we have many other interesting aspects to look at on a daily basis. For most of my life I have been fascinated with Bible prophecy in fact that study is what led me to astrology. The Bible contains many passages about signs in the sky or signs in the heavens. The Grand Sextile also reminds me of these passages because it actually forms a Star of David around the Earth. This symbol has significant meaning in the world’s great religions and in the study of sacred geometry.

For now I want to focus on this week’s astrology and it starts off with several formations of its own. My view of the week is from the east coast and EDT. These formations could be at different times depending on where you live.

We still have the Grand trines in water I’ve mentioned in previous posts and one will remain with us for the rest of the summer. The three points of the trines are the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars being one, Neptune and Saturn the other two points. All these planets are in water signs and thus the name “water trine”. Mars will soon move out of trine aspect with Saturn and leave Jupiter to trine alone.

waterWater is uses as a metaphor in astrology. It can take many forms and be a gas, solid or liquid. Water is balancing and finds its own level. It’s asking us to find our own balance along with it. To better understand this aspect we need to look at the planets involved. Jupiter is the planet of optimism, growth and is called the great benefic. He can sometimes over do things though. Saturn represents authority, responsibility and doing what is right. Neptune is the planet of creativity, dreams, compassion and sensitivity. Neptune is also in his home sign and very happy. Saturn and Capricorn are in mutual reception or each other’s home sign which make Saturn pretty happy and Jupiter is in a sign he really like so we could see some good stuff happening soon. I live in North Carolina and given what has been going on in this state lately I am not going to hold my breath but I am hoping for a miracle.

All things good or bad depend on your perspective. This Grand trine is at its peak and super charging our manifesting this week, not that it hasn’t all summer. All this water in the sky is certainly triggering the water on the earth and in some places there has been way too much for the earth to handle. You may have noticed your emotions washing over you from time to time too. Water is very emotional and you may shed some tears of joy or tears of sadness. We’ve all seen video of churing water and in the same way water can bring up the past. Some of us will feel this like it was yesterday. In this case the water is bringing this up so it can be washed away. Let it all go. We are just in the beginning of our transformation and evolution. Let it all go and transform. You’re going to come out of all this water squeaky clean and ready for the new if you do.

This is a great period of  time for all you Cancers, Scorpios and Pisceans out there. Earth signs could be noticing great benefit also. If it gets too hot for you outside this week chill out inside for a while and dream a few day dreams. You never know what you could manifest. As of this week we have four planets in Cancer. Cancer is about family, home, security, women, children, nurturing, and education. No doubt you have seen some if not all of these issues in the news lately. I’m going to leave this right here and move on.

Mercury is retrograde till the end of the week and we will surely feel the effects of his backward motion for another week after. I don’t pay as much attention to this retrograde as many people do. But then my world does not involve some of the same things as folks that pay closer attention. I simply try to think before I speak, always a good rule, and am double clear about any negotiations I might need to make. I don’t always do this very well either but at least I try.

Venus is kicking up her heels in Leo till next week and she loves your show of affection. Time to shower your love with flowers and gifts.

Mars has just entered Cancer where he resides through August and will join Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury for short while. If you have been feeling tired lately it is likely due to the mental chatter that Mars in Gemini can cause. Now that he is in a water sign you might feel more relaxed as long as you don’t feel tempted to fight against the watery depths we find ourselves in now. All this Cancer and water has made our emotions flow too. This might be a good time to stop doing and start being. Relax and float in all this water. It’s a force that you cannot control.

Saturn has been direct now for a week. He’s kept us in a holding pattern and given us time to think and plan but not do. Now that he is direct we should see things pick up in our personal lives if not the world. I have to wonder what this could mean for us in the coming weeks.

Uranus is in Aries and stationing Wednesday to begin a retrograde trip that will last exactly five months. This is fiery- combination and this retrograde might not be very kind to some and downright awful to others. Uranus is the planet of independence and revolution, sudden change and awakening. He is waking us up to our limitations. He wants us to break loose and be free. Remember there is a flip side to every coin. Uranus also represents male energy of the most unrefined kind. He wants what he wants NOW. Boy can I relate to that! I think we are seeing this side of the Uranus coin in some of the legislative attacks on women and children in several states lately. On the personal level, where ever Uranus is in your chart that is where you will feel the need to rebel. For me that is my third house of communication, siblings, short distance travel and lower education and won’t reveres until December 17, 2013. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

kiteA Grand Trine is not all that rare an event. I read that Thursday however it does become a rare event when it all three planets one trine are each at exactly the 4th degree of their transiting sign. when you consider that it takes Jupiter 12 years to make a complete circle around the chart, Saturn takes 28-30 years and Neptune takes 164 years or so to go around once, for them all to be at exactly trine to each other is indeed a rare event. This will definitely trigger any planets you have at or near 4 degrees anywhere in your chart. I am not entirely sure where on the planet this exact alignment will take place. I can’t seem t o get closer than Neptune at five degrees and the other two planets at four. Regardless this is cool in my book.

Kite and T-squareWe are influenced by another aspect form this month too. This one is called a kite. This happens when a fourth planet is sextile or 60 degrees to two of the points in a Grand Trine and in opposition to the third point. When lines are drawn between all the points it looks like a kite. The kite is considered a good aspect and considered a fairly rare event but this summer it seems to be almost as prominent as the Grand Trine. This particular kite has Uranus as its fourth point. The Grand trine with Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter should help deflect some of the upset that Uranus can cause. I think this is a really good thing too.

July 14 2013I guess I could also mention the Grand Cross that takes place today, the 14th. This formation involves four planets that are in square aspect and opposing aspect to each other so that they form a big box in a chart. When a line is drawn to the opposing planets a cross or “X” is formed inside the box. This formation brings challenges through not only the four squares but also the two oppositions. The good news it this too shall pass and will ultimately help us in our overall transformation. The bad news is well will be seeing this formation of and on for the remainder of the summer when the Moon will become one of the points of the square and T- Square.


They say history repeats itself. In this case we had a similar T-Square in the early 20th century. Women were fighting for the right to vote.  By the mid 1920’s the first woman governor was elected, the National Academy of Science inducted its first woman and another woman was the third one to win a Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Today women’s rights are in the news again all over the world. All you need to do it look at the news and you can see women standing up for the right to be educated, right of choice in health care and more. This will provide you with some great clues as to where you need to make changes. Of course there will be those among us that had rather fight change. The choice is yours. I hope you choose to open your heart to unconditional love, relax and go with the flow of all this water and change.