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Fireworks Behind Statue of LibertyI hope you read the last blog about the astrology chart of the US. Researching for that was quite interesting. One thing I noticed right away is there are several chart similarities between then and now. Mercury, Mars, Sun and Jupiter are very, very close to the same position they were 237 years ago. This means the energy today is quiet similar to what it was in 1776. Then as now, both Mercury and Pluto were retrograde. I sure wish we had someone like Thomas Jefferson with us today.

Things were changing then and things are changing now. My state is making some radical changes too and many of us are not happy about it. I’m sure in 1776 there were things some folks were not happy about either. In many ways I feel like my state is changing backwards not forwards. I choose to keep my focus in the forward direction and learning astrology is helping.

mrx-pisces-380x235Mercury continues the retrograde motion till July 20 when he stations and begins moving forward again. BUT! There is always a ”but” isn’t there? Mercury will not be back up to speed and out of storm until July 27. If you are one of the many that are greatly affected of think you are greatly affected by Mercury retrograde, don’t get too busy with the things you’ve been putting off till after retrograde. Give the energy time to get back to “normal”.

Thankfully Jupiter, the great benefic, has left Gemini and is now travelling through Cancer. Jupiter is extremely comfortable in this sign. It might be a good thing that he will reside in Cancer until the end of July 2014. Jupiter in Cancer supports the nuclear family no matter what it looks like. One of the first signs of Jupiter in Cancer was the Supreme Court declaration that the Defense of Marriage Act is discriminatory and struck down Proposition 8 in California. Jupiter will be trine to both Neptune and Saturn for the rest of the summer. These will be water trines. Water represents charity, benevolence and compassion. I‘m looking for more good news as summer progresses as Jupiter helps us manifest some of our dreams.

The week begins with a New Moon in Cancer on Monday July 8th at 3:14 am. Summer is a very social time. People travel and meet new folks. Meanwhile the Sun in Cancer is craving security. This is an excellent time to find new places and people that will provide you with the emotional security Cancer desires for the months that follow. Just as we plant new seeds after the New Moon, we plant new seeds in our emotional life.

Monday is also the day that Saturn goes direct after his five month retrograde period. Have you felt like things were on hold? I sure have. There have been times since last winter that I wanted things to move and wanted to do something or get busy and nothing would fall into place. I’m looking forward to this coming to an end and things picking up a bit more. The down side for me is we are moving into the hottest part of the summer and I don’t do heat very well. I will work around it I am sure. I am beginning to feel the momentum picking up, at least in my mind I am. I am excited about what is ahead. Once again, keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde for a while yet. It might be best not to get to busy with starting those new projects and business ideas until late in the month. Relax and enjoy Saturn direct for a couple of weeks. Your heart will know if you need to get busy sooner.

Surely there will be some tough times ahead too. Pluto and Uranus are still at the square dance and the dance is not coming to an end till 2015 and the effects will still be felt into 2016. But Jupiter in Cancer for the next year should help buffer some of the upset they are sure to stir up.

This month is just full of T-squares and there is a Grand Cross coming up on the 14th. I’ve had a large time looking ahead at the daily charts to see the aspects of each one. The main of involves Mercury, Uranus and Pluto and will last all month. This brings some contrast to the Cancerian desire for security. Uranus is not so much into security as he is independence and being cerebral. The truth and what it really means is foremost in his thoughts.

July 2013 seem to have a continuous Grand Trine or two. One takes form on Wednesday. (That sure is a busy day isn’t it?) This Grand trine includes Mars, Saturn and Neptune. Trines are when planets are 120 degrees apart and connect planets in the same element. This one is in the water. As I mentioned earlier, water represents charity, benevolence and compassion. This trine is triggering our growth in these areas and in our own self awareness. There is also additional help from Jupiter. He is nearly conjunct Mars.

Let’s break this down a bit. I think I spoke about the Jupiter Saturn Neptune Grand Trine in recent weeks and how this is a great aspect for manifesting. We’ve manifestation-634x420been in manifesting mode since late May. Bring Mars into the mix and you have a “git-er-done” energy around manifesting. He is the ruling, pioneer warrior of fiery Aries, loves to start things (although he’s not so good at finishing), and he has the entrepreneur’s spirit. Saturn represents authority, our fathers, and earthly materials. Neptune is dreamy, intuitive, spiritual and creative. These three together in trine aspect can really be a great combo when it comes to manifesting. That is if you are ready to take advantage of this energy you can take manifesting to the point of effortlessness.

There is always a shadow side to everything though and this watery trine could cause some of us to feel a bit lethargic. It is important to stay on alert in order to take advantage of all the growth this have to offer. We are evolving as humans and if you are reading this, this means you. If you are experiencing conflict, I dare say perhaps you need to evolve a bit more. We are not all in the same place on the evolutionary scale just as we are not all at the same place on any other scale.

mercury stormAround the world there is turmoil, unrest and change. Some of it is progressive and some is regressive. Everyday there is evidence of the old guard digging their heels in trying to hold on to their power. WE are living in times we were told about centuries ago. Remember, where ever you are in your path is exactly where you are supposed to be.

The Uranus Pluto square brings all sorts of upset and change, destruction and rebirth; ultimately in the best way for our evolution. Saturn in Scorpio digs deep and uncovers secrets. We’ve sure seen this in action in the past couple of weeks..

While we might not like how others are behaving remember that does not matter in the grand scheme of things. Try not to get too bogged down in the news. Or upset with what is going on around you. Keep love and compassion in your heart. That is all the really matters anyway. And as always I wish you a great week!