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Welcome to all my new blog followers. I am happy to have you join me.

shutterstock_97614038Nothing feels better than heart space. Being there makes you laugh at the world and all its craziness, tragedy and confusion. When you finally find the heart space you realize that all is exactly as it should be and we should be embracing our aches and pains and welcoming them instead of fighting to find ways to fix it all. The fix will come after that pain and turmoil.

This is what is going on around us and this is what is going on inside us. It can be over whelming and confusing but know that it is all as it should be, like it or not. The ride to the next vibration is a rough one and the Universe is helping us. Yes! The Universe is doing all it can to help us get through this change. You can see it in the heavens.

This week is a busy one and starts with the Sun in the early degrees of Cancer. This sign is where we nurture our families with good food and a safe, warm home sun_cancer-2-300x300 (1)to live in. The Cancer native is often vulnerable emotionally, enjoys their privacy and is easily hurt. They are quick to retreat to the safely of their own home if the world gets to be too much for them or they feel overwhelmed. If you were born in the first ten days of Cancer you are most likely a sensitive, generous, and creative person.

This week also opens with the Full Moon (tonight June 23, 2013) in Capricorn and in opposition the Sun in Cancer. This Full Moon known as the “Super Moon” will also be at its closest to the Earth tonight about one hour after the Moon is at its fullest. It will appear 30 % brighter and 14% larger. This closeness will have a increased effect on the tides and our emotions. This Sun/Moon opposition also calls us to balance our private SuperMoon_2013home life with our career one and our public life or conditional and unconditional love. The Capricorn Moon wants us to be responsible frown ups and Cancer wants us to be independent. As with most things, balance is the key.

The Sun is opposing Pluto for the next two weeks or so. This triggers our ego to face and accept those deeply hidden parts of ourselves and we learn that we cannot control everything. This can also stir up our fears and cause us to act a little obsessive and or compulsive. Letting go is seldom an easy thing to do but often it is the only way to achieve real growth. This is especially true of our relationships. How often have you not wanted to let go of one of watched a friend hang on to one when you know that is only prolonging the inevitable? Let go of what no longer serves. Suffering is a choice and if you choose to hang on you just might be choosing to suffer. The choice is yours after all. Be strong and make the right one. The Universe is on your side.

Last Monday Mercury began to slow down in preparation for his second retrograde period this year. Wednesday he stations and begins a backward path through Cancer to where we were on June 13th. Notice if you feel extra sensitive or even Merc Rxpsychic for the next few weeks. It is also time to re-do, re-invent, re-negotiate, re-create. Yes I said re-create and that means to relax and chill when you can. Be aware that misunderstandings and miscommunication is more frequent during Mercury retrograde. Listen carefully and think before you speak.

Now add Cancer’s influence to this Mercury retrograde influence and you have a recipe for deep, instinctive, quality info right now. We might not be so interested in what is going on in the big picture or with the universe right now as we are in what is going on with us and our immediate family and friends. Our emotions will possibly be an obstacle to our objectivity so be aware and again, think extra long before you act or speak.

Venus is also in Cancer and lending her loving influence to the home and the family. There could be some emotional high and lows in our love relationships but over all we tend to be attached, romantic and dedicated to our loved ones. Thursday she moves into Leo and love takes on a whole new meaning. We will feel more pride in our love and be freer with our money. Venus in Leo is the perpetual romantic dining at the table of attention, admiration and confirmation. You and your loved one will enjoy pampered and adored. So will your all your close friends. The shadow side of all this pride and adoration is over-spending and over statement just to see the effect. Do your best to keep the Venus ego in check but enjoy none the less.

Jupiter leaves Gemini on Tuesday and joins the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Cancer. Jupiter is all about expansion. He wants us to learn and grow. He is joyful abundant and optimistic. When Jupiter is in Gemini we are less attached to our principles and more open minded. He is quite mental when in Gemini but in Cancer he becomes more imaginative and compassionate. Pay attention to your maternal instincts too. If you find yourself suddenly interested in genealogy you can thank the Cancer influenced Jupiter too. You just might uncover some long lost and really cool family tradition, or maybe not?

Uranus and Pluto as still square, can you tell? Combine this will the water trine we have be flirting with and there is no wonder so many place have seen tragedy relating to water. This is likely not to come to an end this week either.

Saturn has been in Scorpio since October 5, 2012 and won’t leave for good until September 17, 2015. He is currently retrograde. If you have been feeling like you are in a holding pattern and things have slowed down like they have for me, Saturn retrograde is probably why. He is close to stationing and will go direct on July 18th. Things should take off for us more then. I’ve enjoyed this rest period but at times have not known what to do with it and felt guilty for doing nothing. Of course I know I never really do nothing but it sure can seem like it.

Wednesday is going to be a cool day. Not only is Mercury going retrograde but the Sun will be trine Neptune. You will want to pay attention to those hunches you have mid week. Your intuition will be sharper than usual. This is a good time to break bad habits and take steps toward self improvement. The Sun trine Saturn Grand_Trinewill lend you the will to stick with whatever self improvement you choose. Don’t get discouraged by the slow progress. Remember that slow and steady wins the race. Your slow and steady determination will get you great results too.

By week’s end a retrograde Saturn and a retrograde Neptune will form a Grand Trine with both the Sun and Jupiter. The Saturn Neptune trine helps make dreams a reality so happy manifesting folks! If you are having trouble with visualizing those dreams, get your thoughts out on paper. It doesn’t matter if what you write makes any sense at all. No one is going to read it. Just do it and it will help clear your head so your dreams are clearer?

Well that is quite a lot to think about. This is a very tumultuous summer and an exciting one too. I hope you find this info helpful as you go about your week and the rest of the summer. No matter what I read or hear in the news I try to keep in mind that things always seem to get worse before they get better. Finding the heart space has been a process and one I am so very grateful for. I am also grateful for this Pluto Uranus square and Saturn in Scorpio. These aspects and definitely helping us transform in the next great thing we are meant to me.