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WOW! What a week! We’ve seen some great examples of the Pluto Uranus square this week too. Uranus, the planet of quick change, rebellion and awakening, with a helping of shock factor on the side, certainly sent us shock waves this week in the form of Mr. Snowden. Regardless of our feelings and opinions on this I’d like to consider looking at this through the lens of Uranus. This revolutionary and humanitarian genius is known to throw us lightning bolts flashes of intuition that we are wise to pay attention to.

Pluto as you probably remember from previous posts is the planet of death, destruction, transformation, rebirth and the search for truth. Pluto’s power and slow steady movement is at times compared to the metamorphisms of a caterpillar into a butterfly or the Phoenix. Astrologer Rick Levine called it “a tsunami moving at the speed of a glacier.”

I believe there is more to this and many other stories than we see in the beginning or from the surface. Pluto and Uranus are going to be in this near square aspect for few more years yet. All I am going to say is, it will be interesting to see how this and the stories yet to come, unfold. Both of these planets are pushing us toward truth and change or transformation. These are the two things we most often do not want to face so expect things to be uncomfortable, learn to be in the moment, keep an open mind and heart and avoid being too critical. The world has secrets and I can almost guarantee you are going to be surprised more than once in the months and years to come.

HeroesAmericanRevolutionPluto is in Capricorn and has been since 2008, the same time of the financial collapse if 2008. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was from 1762-1778. This coincided with the American Revolution. That last time Uranus was in Aries was between 1927 and 1928. Some significant technology hit the scene during this transit. Among them were Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight and talking movies or motion pictures as they were called in the day. We are sure to see some very creative surprises and advances in science and technology during this transit of these two planets are well, just as I am sure this is not the last time I will have something to say and they Pluto Uranus square of this decade.

The high point of this week is the Summer Solstice, when the sun moves into Cancer1Cancer on Wednesday, June 19th. Mid week the sun will seem to pause in the sky for a few days and by end of the week an observant person might notice the days getting a tiny bit shorter.

The 19th is also the day the Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter Grand trine forms. This trine will be with us for two full months. You manifesting work will be greatly supported during this time thanks to the connection Grand_Trinebetween Saturn a Neptune making those dreams come true. This is one of the summers’ most important configurations and a lucky one at that thanks to the connection with Jupiter! These planets are all in water signs and the character of each of those sings will be greatly supported too. Cancer nurtures, Scorpio transforms a looks into what is hidden deep inside, and Neptune in his home sign of Pisces inspires all things creative and spiritual.

Most likely your life has been busy lately; mine has been. By now all your garden seeds should be planted and I hope you are noticing the plants growing up healthy. Summer after all is the height of the growing season. As the Sun slows down and stops this week consider doing the same thing yourself. Use this week to slow down and rest a bit. While you are resting, why not take a look at how your own dream seeds are growing? The key word this summer after all is manifesting!

Once the sun moves in to Cancer think about the crab and how he responds to things around him. He is low to the ground, walks sideways and avoids difficulty and danger. For the next four weeks notice if you tend to display similar tendencies. Notice when you turn from a disagreement or anything that is not to your liking. Watch for the times you sidestep a conversation or situation. It could be a fun thing to document.

Mercury goes into storm this week beginning Monday. This means that he is slowing down to where he is traveling slower and slower and moving less than 40 minutes of arch a day until it stations on the 26th and goes backward for three weeks. This storm period happens at both ends of a retrograde period and Mercury’s place in the sky determines the length of the storm. Some are short mercury stormand some a long like this one which will last a week. No doubt some sensitive folks have already begun feeling Mercury slow down. I was at a spiritual conference this weekend and the subject of Mercury retrograde came up. They said strange, crazy things had happened since the conference had started.

As usual there is much more going on in the sky than I can talk about in a short blog. When I got home last night I noticed post from my old friend and astrologer ,Tim Bost. Tim’s focus is astrology’s effect on the stock market. If you are interested in the market you might like to read what he has to say. Check it out here: http://realbusinessresults.com/marketastrologer/?p=955&fb_source=pubv1

Until next week friends, make this week a great one!