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Astrology never seems to amaze me. Yesterday I while at the grocery store the young man bagger my groceries struck up a conversation. He asked what was I had been doing and said I had been working on this week’s astrology blog. To my amazement he replied that he’d heard we were in a “tumultuous time”. He went on to talk about the energy of purging both within us and outside us or universally. He actually seemed excited and knew it was all for the best.

I sure would like to hear some of your stories of purging, personal conflict and change. Please feel free to vent on me in a private message. I’m curious how others are dealing with the energy.

This week brings we find ourselves with a mixed bag of aspects. Not that that is not often the case but this one could cause havoc with some of us. It all depends on where the planets are in your natal chart. This placement determines how each transit affects you.


Mercury is opposite Pluto till about Wednesday and Venus is opposite Pluto all week. Both planets are also quincunx Uranus. The Moon joins in the opposition on Monday. You may feel a strong need to talk, to tell someone about what you are feeling. You could also get in a trap of intellectualizing your feelings. Just be cautious not to get too intellectual with it all. Once the moon is out of the way on Tuesday watch out how you air any relationship grievances. While it is good to get things out in the open, it’s not good to be hurtful. Try doing any venting in a healthy way. Remember that while Venus in Cancer our fear of rejection is amplified. All these things make a volatile combination so be careful with what you say and how you say it to those around you.

Wednesday also brings us the fully formed Venus, Uranus, Pluto T-square. This energizes any challenges in the growth opportunities in our relationships of all kinds. Uranus and Pluto can be unbending but keep in mind this is actually to your favor. This could actually show you deep truths about your relationships. If the kitchen gets too hot, get out for a while. Find a cool, quiet spot to relax and listen for Pluto’s intuitive messages. The universe is trying to guide you if you will just relax and open up to the messages.

This could also be a great time to share your deep feelings. Emotions and sexual attraction is high. Things that have been hiding just below the surface of a relationship or friendship could come out now. Should is explode into fight, making up is bound to be pretty nice. On the other hand, things could come to head and explode because we are to are too demanding or impulsive. All these planets are in cardinal signs and the best way out of a sticky mess is taking action. I think whatever action you choose to take will be positive and perfect for your evolution as long as you are aware of the energy.

Last week I talked about a Grand Trine between Saturn, Neptune and Mercury. This continues through mid week and while it won’t be an actual Grand Trine after Wednesday we will still feel the effects for a little while longer. Remember we have another on forming next week with Jupiter taking Mercury’s place. All in all the trine between Saturn and Neptune is a good one. Neptune makes it easier for us to find meaning in our lives. Saturn brings organization and a sense of importance to our dreams. This trine is helping us follow our dreams and turn them into reality. I sure need a large dose of this!Grand_Trine

These trines are getting us ready for the big event of the year. That is the Grand Sextile or Star of David that will take place at the end of July. On the world front, expect more of the same. While the party still lingers in Gemini, expect things in two. You’ve already seen two tornadoes, to trines and more things happening in two that I can begin to list. Keep a watch for more twos to come before the Gemini party ends.