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Greetings everyone! Can you feel yourself beginning have more energy and becoming busier? I am and the sky sure is active. The month of June just might feel like it zooming by. Venus will be zooming at least.Mars in Pisces

Yes, Venus will be following the path Mercury took last month and making three sign changes this month herself. WOW!

The first of these changes is today June 2, 2013. She will move to Leo before the month is out. Your attitude about what is most important to you change rather quickly too. Venus will be shifting from the happy go lucky Gemini, to the family focused Cancer to the ever dramatic Leo.

Let’s not forget the June is a big month for weddings and weddings are ruled by Venus. Organizing one to go on without a hitch often seems next to impossible. If there is a wedding in your life this month expect changes; maybe lots of them. Venus is a woman after all and prone to change her mind. Three sign changes don’t help matters this month.

mercury1a This week is a big one for communications. Mercury, our messenger boy planet, is at the center of of this. The other planets involved are all outer planets. This will not only trigger us personally but globally also. There could be some interesting things in the news this week. And yes, you can say that of most weeks. But I am thinking something mind blowing could come out this week. We shall see.

The first Grand trine is formed with Mercury, Neptune and Saturn. As I mentioned last week, this is a configuration that triggers fabulous manifesting in the area of diversity, learning, and higher education. Make those dreams happen folks!

If you are interested in channeling or are a channel, you could fine this to be a good time to connect with spirit, open yourself and let the messages flow. Since Mercury is in Cancer, family matters that relate to care and security could get some assistance through visualizations. Friday Neptune turns to move backwards until November. This will increase our sensitivity and our intuition. Take advantage of this beginning now even if channeling is not your thing. Meditate and connect with the higher realms of the universe, with whatever you call your higher power.

planet-neptune-380x235The Neptune retrograde will be echoing what I have been talking about for some time now. That is getting rid of what no longer serves us. For some of us this is and will be quite painful to do. Neptune is where our escapism lies. This is where we find that world famous river we call Denial. The late author, Debbie Ford wrote that DENIAL is an acronym for “Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying”. Isn’t that so true? Facing ourselves and our demons is so hard. IT keeps us stuck and ties us down. If this resonates with you at all, and it could, don’t hide or escape. Seek out a coach. I would say friend but often as much as they love us, they are ill equipped to help with the messy things. Neptune will really be pushing us to face most inner, deep dark selves for the next 5 months. If you need a coach, I am available and willing to help.

The other Grand trine is with Venus, Saturn and Neptune. This triangle boosts the manifesting power around money, relationships, and creativity. Remember manifesting is not only about bringing in but letting go as well. We must empty out old stuff that no longer serves in order to have room for the new. This trine energy will be in effect until the 13th.

astro_2gw_35_event.85970.53020Besides the Grand Trines, both Mercury and Venus are also in a T-Square aspect with Uranus and Pluto. Mercury not only brings us messages, he brings variety or in other words, rules diversity. He is the one mostly likely to inspire new ideas and ways of communicating through learning, writing, speaking. Put your new thoughts down on paper. Keep a list or stream of consciousness notebook or journal. Get creative with your thoughts and draw pictures of them too. Have fun with this.

Be cautious of your communications with family. Since Mercury is in Cancer these conversations could be unpredictable or even explosive. You are bound to be full of new ideas but be sure to respect the thoughts of others too and show them the same love you expect to get from them as they communicate with you. Remember none of this information is just about you. It applies to all of us and is multifaceted to be sure.

The Venus T-Square with Uranus and Pluto is going to hit relationships. It will also affect money/finances and resourcefulness/creativity. This entire T- Square is sparking your awakening and evolution. Once again, it’s time to let go of all that does not serve. This is a recurring theme and I know you are probably saying “not again”. Remember that when the Universe wants us to make a change it gives of lots of time and help to do it. Our awakening and evolution is so important that the universe is covering all sides of this coin over a long period of time. This WILL not last forever however. So if you don’t make the changes while the help is near, you could have a lot of pain later.

To help us with this very thing, on Tuesday the Sun squares Chiron the wounded healer. Your emotional and mental wounds may surface now. This square is beneficial in clearing this out of your life. Notice the pain, the wound caused by a person or situation. Give thanks for it showing you need healing. If you were to feel the energy of this wound it would likely be in your chest center or solar plexus area. Focus on this area of pain and emotion. Send it lots of love and saturate it white light and relax. Breathe in and out and don’t try to fix anything. Let the love and light do all the work. They are from the divine source, the Universe after all. Be grateful for this is also moving you forward and assisting your awakening evolution.


The week concludes with a New Moon in Gemini. As you probably already know, a New Moon is about new beginnings. This New Moon’s beginnings will echo the theme of communication, relationships and variety. Any planting you have left to do will benefit from waiting till after the Saturday.

All in all this week will be carried by the manifesting muscles we call Saturn and Neptune. I do hope you take advantage of this opportunity. If you are feeling stuck and need some help don’t hesitate to send out an S.O.S. Till next week friends…have a good week.