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MemorialDayI hope you are enjoying the Memorial Day weekend. I want to thank all our people past and present who have served and are serving our country. I look forward to the day when the only thing our hands need to hold is someone else’s hand in friendship and love.

How have you been feeling lately? I have talked to many people that are experiencing days of low energy. They just want to nap and take it easy. Others are busy as a hive of bees. Whatever is going on in your world remember that if you feel stuck it might be time to ask for some help. I’ll save the shameless promotions for later and stick to astrology for now.

This week the eclipses are behind us for now but their affects will linger for a while yet. We have not one but two nice trines and planet sign changes. The power of manifestation will get a lot of support this week. Why not spend some time today concentrating on what you want to see in your life?376419_277302009065668_996876061_n

I’ve been not only feeling but seeing an overall increase in the power of manifesting the past few weeks. When my friend Brittany visited from Asheville a few weeks ago, she related how she didn’t get into grad school but was on the waiting list fat two schools. She knew there was a reason but she was also taking the attitude of “settling” for another, much less attractive, rather non-existent plan “B”. She didn’t know what she really wanted to do besides go to school and that was not happening now it seemed.

I shared some ideas with her to help her get clear on what she wants in her life 2539748_f520and the next week she got to work on them. By mid week she was focused and cranking out her thoughts. Friday I got a call from her. The day before, a fast 24 hours after doing this work, she had a gotten a call from one of the schools where she was on the waiting list. She had been accepted and classes start May 30th! How’s that for some manifesting? The Gemini sun probably also helped her quite a bit.


Are you feeling Gemini’s influence of the sun? The characteristics are feeling more sociable, intellectual, curious about your future, and little bit unpredictable. These twins are likely to bring us a fair amount of communication and diversity. Wednesday the Sun in Gemini and the Aquarius Moon form a trine that makes imaginative, inventive communications through the air (wireless) a breeze.

Speaking of communication, this week Mercury makes its third sign change for the month. As he leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer you might notice that you are less interested in quantity and more interested in quality of your communications. Mercury is not especially happy in the emotional sign of Cancer. He is a no-nonsense sign and can cause Cancer to show her claws when they are at odds. We might feel like we are on a teeter-totter between sweet as pie and nasty as heck. This energy will be with us through August 8th thanks to Mercury going retrograde in Cancer in late June.


This week we get some manifesting help from the Grand Trine formed by Saturn, Neptune and Mercury. There is plenty of luck to go around too thanks to the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. I hope you have a clear vision of what you want in your future like my friend Brittany now has. This is especially true if you are looking toward learning, coaching and variety. I’m thinking this week is a gift not to be taken lightly if you are looking to create big changes in these areas.

Looking ahead, Venus will join the grand trine on June 4th-10. This is only the beginning of a month or more of trine aspects all involving Saturn and Neptune at two of the three corners. There are only a few days between June 13th and 18 that there is not a grand trine. All this is building up to a rare Star of David that will occur on July 29th, 2013. I will be including information about all this as I find it so stay tuned!Grand-trine-2013

I read a weather prediction on WXeastern’s FB page the says: “an incoming dome of high pressure will dominate the weather pattern over the next couple of weeks! You might even hear the term “heat wave” thrown around a few times! Temperatures will average out above normal for this period with widespread 90 degree plus temps being possible across most of the southeastern and mid Atlantic states for a few days near the beginning of June.

If its summer weather you’re looking for… you will definitely love the next couple of weeks.”
As long as the humidity stays below 50% I am OK with the heat.
Till next week, manifest away!