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This week brings us the last eclipse of Spring 2013 eclipse season and a sign change for the Sun. The planetary party that has been going on since the Sun was in Pisces is moving over to hang out with Jupiter in Gemini for a while. Venus was first to join Jupiter on May 10th and Mercury joined in almost a week later on May 16th. Gemini is an air sign, loves to talk and entertain, is known to change his mind, and often seems to have two personalities. The next 4 weeks could be a good for some writing, public speaking, taking short trips. Mars will be languishing in Taurus for the remainder of the month and will join the Gemini party full time on June 1st.

Today, May 20th, the Sun joins Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Gemini. The Sun in Gemini is quite curious and has a thirst for knowledge and enjoys being social. Memorial Day in the wings and this is perfect energy for a gathering. Crank up the grill and invite some friends over for some grilled goodies. One of my favs is grilled eggplant. The Sun in Gemini makes us more talkative and adaptable. Perhaps the conversations over good food, good drinks and company will bring satisfy any mental curiosity you have. The shadow side of this is that the Gemini twins tend to split out attentions and make us more erratic and undependable.

Mercury in Gemini is at his best. He is home his quick thinking zips through ideas. mercury in geminiHe loves a quick pace and lots of people to talk to, share ideas and learn from. There is always something new to discover so Mercury in Gemini is seldom bored. Don’t be surprised if things pick up for you in the next few weeks. Your social and business calendar could become a bit busy. If so, be sure to take care of you. Eat well, drink lots of water and get enough sleep. You just might need it.

Venus in Gemini brings about social and romantic inquisitiveness. Social meetings begin with interesting conversations and can swiftly lead to strong mental connections. Variety is the attraction now. Be careful not spread yourself too thin in these areas. Venus in Gemini is often gregarious and fun but she can also keep her distance too. Being a woman Venus is sure to change her mind at some point.

Mars will be in Taurus for a little while longer. If you are feeing passive this is where you will find that. He will lend some stability to all the impulsive Gemini energy as long as he is in Taurus. Once he moves to Gemini? Well, things speed up of course!


Uranus and Pluto square is now! All one needs to do it look at the news of today, May 20th, 2013 and see what this energy is capable of. This is of course compounded by eclipse energy and Saturn in Scorpio. On a personal level we are probably feeling dissatisfied with our lives and how we are living. We are noticing how we are internally and externally restricted. Our status quo routine and monotony of life makes us feel stagnant and tied down. Long held back and deeply buried feelings are screaming to come to the surface. Some of it may make no sense either. But change is afoot thanks to this square. All this is to help us break out of this routine, change bad habits, adopt new one and awaken to what we are really here for. Commit to change, truth and integrity for now and little else.

This is just a tiny bit of what is going on around us. All the planet is in flux it seems and quite a bit of it is not comfortable. Remember that all things, even the bad ones, happen for a reason. All things are happening for the ultimate good of all. Open your heart to love and support others when you can. You may need support later on.

I will try, not promising, but will try to get a bit up about the Full Moon eclipse coming Saturday.