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Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I love this time of year because I can find tamales at the store. Making them myself seems like a daunting task but perhaps one day I will attempt them. I will be careful sampling them at the store from now on. Over a week ago I had a bite that was so hot in the center it took off the back half of the roof of my mouth. I’m talking a peel the skin back kind of burn. I am however looking forward to making up for missing my Cinco de Mayo meal.

Are you feeling like you need to get away from it all? Are you finding the news to be too much lately? The energy is amping up for sure. Uranus and Pluto which have been a near square aspect since last  December is moving to the actual square position omom-entrepreneur-getawayn the 21st of this month. That along with the eclipse energy is deeply affecting some of us. This means the Pluto in Capricorn energy or the old, traditional ways are butting heads with the new. Or the older generation is in conflict with the younger generation. If you are old enough, think back to the 1960’s. There was a similar energy then. The status quo is fighting to hold on and the new is pulling it apart. This can be seen globally in the many uprisings and revolts that have taken place around the world.

The big events this week are the solar eclipse and a sign change for Venus. Both take place on Thursday the 9th. The sign change happens early in the day at 11: 04 am and the eclipse is at 8:29 pm. Both times given are Eastern Daylight time.

Venus leaving the earthy grounding of Taurus for the airy lightness of Gemini will surely add a bit of fuel to the energy of change brought us by the upcoming square aspect between Pluto and Uranus. This energy is more likely to be aimed at ourselves rather than the large community and the world. If you feel like you need something new in your life like a hairdo or a job, Venus in Gemini is probably helping. You may in fact find that your attentions are divided during the next few weeks and you find it easier to focus on more than one thing at time. Blame the Gemini twins for this one. They are just trying to help you transform.

Venus will take us to uncomfortable places over the next week or so. Feelings of doubt and jealousy could stir a desire to experiment or go out for a fling but this will likely prove not to be satisfying at all so why risk your damaging your present relationship for nothing? Don’t give in to the Venus energy that leads us to insecurity and betrayal. We are likely to experience relationships ups and downs for the nest little while so hang in there, take a deep breath, relax and know that this too will come to an end. Don’t be foolish in the meantime.


The eclipse that takes place later that day is predicted to be stronger than the previous one in April. This will be a solar eclipse. This means the moon will cast its shadow on the sun and block out the light. While the energy of any eclipse is felt around the globe, the strongest influence is where it passes directly over. In this case it will be similar to the last and cross the Central Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. The word is that this eclipse’s influence will reach the world’s leaders, heads of state and the aristocracy.

The New Moon will be in Taurus and conjunct Mars, Mercury and of course the Sun. These four will also be opposing Saturn. Saturn represents authority, rules and regulations. This eclipse will be about building a strong sense of security. You might notice yourself looking at how you view money and material possessions. This could mean could mean we will see some signs of fear among the global community. Corporations and countries could show signs of trying to feel more secure.

The personal question will be ‘what makes you happy?’ What is it that you really value? How do you feel about your own self worth? What is working for you and what isn’t? Is there anything that is giving you a false feeling of security? Get rid of those things or change the way you do things. Remember, you can expect things to change if you don’t change your behavior.

On Tuesday Mars will be trine Pluto and assisting us to highlight our goals and go after what we want. As you can see all things work together even when they seem like they aren’t. Give in to the desire to explore other options. This is a fabulous time to rework projects.

I almost forgot to include the grand trine in water this week. Tuesday, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and Vesta and Pallas in Cancer move to form a grand trine. Trines are something you have to work to take advantage of. This one is in water and that means you need to put some effort into your intuition. If you already meditate you might like to spend some extra time in the quiet realm. If meditation is not your thing, then a long walk out doors or doing whatever it is that you can zone out too like gardening or being creative will be equally as good.Grand_Trine

Chiron, the wounded healer will add the opportunity to do some personal and spiritual healing. Vesta and Pallas Athena are both related to Jupiter. Pallas is the daughter and Vesta is the Jupiter’s sister.

Pallas is very cerebral. She likes patterns and links together ideas. She will help you deal with the security fears of home and family. She will provide more influence to your intuitions and help you deal with those father daughter issues and how you relate in general with males. She also influences horses, the kidneys, wisdom, justice, and the immune system. Her shadow side a weak immune system causing illness, legal conflicts, and injustice.

Vesta is the virgin goddess sister of Jupiter. I would say she is quite comfortable in Cancer since she is known as the keeper of the hearth. She is very pure, virtuous, organized and can be called a perfectionist. Her influence is of course over sisters, and all things related to the home. This includes keys, security, (are you thinking chastity belt?), insurance, and even inheritance. Vesta rules our metabolism and upper intestines. Her shadow side is family problems, promiscuity, fears around intimacy, secret societies, lack of self worth and denial.

I hope that this knowledge will help you use this trine in the best way possible. All in all no matter what the terrible things will are likely to hear in the news or think of in our minds, all things are as they should be. Remember that knowledge is power and you have the power to create positive change. The Universe is clearly helping to facilitate this change. Now go make this a GREAT week!