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letting-goDid you release or let go of anyone or anything in the past few days? The sky is helping us to do some difficult inner work, helping us to transform. I know it’s hard to look at ourselves, our psyche and see what is really there. We are unwilling to admit we are responsible. We want others to take the load from us so we say things like “if only” and “it’s not my fault”. Well, perhaps it’s really not your fault but how you respond to the actions of others is. So what are you going to do with that? How are you going to respond differently and more positively to whatever it is? The Universe is doing all it can to help you with this right now.

This coming week Looks like another busy one in the heavens and it all starts with Saturn making is closest approach to earth for this year. It is also in opposition to the Sun. This means we will be facing our authority figures and dealing with how they block or slow us down. This opposition is giving us a chance to look deeply at how you draw your boundaries in your life.

Mercury is zooming through three signs this coming month. The first sign change MErcury in Taurusis May 1, 2013 when it moves into Taurus. He will be there for a barely two weeks before he moves on to Gemini. And on the very last day of the May, he moves on to Cancer. This speed could cause you to feel like time is going faster and faster.

Mercury is one of the planets helping this transformation along. Look for his position in your chart to find his sign position and house. This will help you understand how you think and reason. For example, I have Mercury in my third house of communication, siblings and short distance travel. This placement gives me the desire to learn and wander from topic to topic. This is also where I get both my visual and broad thought process. Mercury in Aquarius draws me to science and to express unconventional and offbeat points of view. Venus conjunct my natal Mercury lends a talent for soothing hurt feeling and helping people settle arguments. And the Sun conjunct my Mercury says my mind is constantly working and I am driven to express my ideas to anyone n ear me. (Sorry friends.)

When I was young people used to joke about how I would get so focused on small details; things the colors swirling around in a soap bubble. This is as trait of Saturn square my natal Mercury. I can think and act with thoroughness. I hope you get the idea and for those that know me rather well, I am sure you might be able to relate to some of this.

Now that you know Mercury is quickly moving through signs this coming month, do you get the feeling things in your life are going too fast to process? Are you feeling anxious, having headaches, not sleeping, feeling stuck or have a feeling something is about to happen and you can’t put your finger on it? Perhaps seeing your primary physician is in order? If not then OK! Take a deep breath and call someone who understands these energies and talk it out. I talk to people every week that have these symptoms and more. You are certainly not alone. Some people who meditate regularly and change to a diet of whole foods, quickly notice these symptoms subside or completely go away. All I can say is try it and see if it helps. Transformation is afoot and there is a lot going on in the heavens to support us, stir things up and propel our mental and emotional change forward.

Monday the heavens provide us with some assistance in taking advantage of this good energy .We’ve got a whole bunch of planets being nice and playing in the earth energy. The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus are trine the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. All this earth energy make it a good time to plant your later root crops like beets, turnips, onions, carrots or any root crop you like It is a Sun in Taurus kind of thing.

half moonThe Moon trine Venus is happy and sweet natured. These two will discover a new appreciation for the important people in your life. This could also have positive aspects with your intimate life too. While the Moon will move on we will be left with Pluto trine the three planets in Taurus. The trine with Venus will foster more transformation. Our desire to share good things with friends or intimates might be more unusual this week. We are transforming after all and looking for new meaning to life and ways to express our selves. Watch the pocketbook. This new expression could involve some new material purchases.

Communications will be the focus of Pluto trine Mercury. Our conversations and correspondence could be more intense and probing. If there is a subject you’ve wanted to study more in deeply this would be a good week to dive in. And don’t be surprised if you learn about a deep dark secret about someone in the next few days. Isn’t the mixed bag we get each week interesting? Some are more so than others.

The eclipses season will continue next week with a Solar Eclipse and the New moon. Remember this season all started off a week before last week’s eclipse and began with blast, literally the Boston bomb blast. I have heard other astrologers talk about the possibility that since Jupiter, the planet that brings growth is in Gemini, this eclipse season could end with a blast as well. I sure hope the second blast will be as positive and generous as Jupiter can be and not as destructive and Pluto can be. But just in case we get a similar performance in mid May or any partial-solar-eclipse-today-january-4-201111-250x187other time, remember that growth often comes from some sort of destruction.

This is about all I have the energy to write today. I hope you have enjoyed your weekend whatever you did. For me it was lots of yard work, errands and a fun time celebrating a dear friend’s birthday. C.C. I love!!! You know I do!

Till next week…….live from the heart!