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new moon

The spring eclipse season is here. There will be 5 in all this year and the first series of three will begin on April 25 at 4:07 EDT at 5 degrees Scorpio. And if astrology is not complex enough, the eclipses throw on some real unpredictability. They occur when the Sun and the Moon are within 15 degrees of “Nodes of Fate”.

The various schools of astrology differ in the way they view the nodes. Some say the south node relates to our past lives (South Node) and the current incarnation (North Node). Here in the west the South Node is thought to be bad and the North Node good while Vedic astrology views the both as bad. Still others also refer to North Node as the head and the South Node the tail of the Dragon. Whatever the title the Nodes are really more like an aspect and a fated on at that. It’s the fated part that can upset traditional astrological meanings. Perhaps this is why eclipses have been called “harbingers of doom”.

To add to this interesting aspect you might be interested to know that eclipses have a 19 year cycle. What this means is that whatever was going on with you in 1994 could show up again not in some way. If you have lived long enough you could take this back further and look at what was going on in your life in 1975 or even 1956. Patterns do tend to repeat don’t they?

During this eclipse the moon will be with buddies up with Saturn. The moon is emotions and Saturn represents authority and the Father. Issues around our inner authority will likely be in the spotlight. Scorpio loves to make us look deep inside so keep this in mind as you read further. I can almost promise you will be doing some deep psychological thinking and soul searching in the days to come. For me this and all those near my age this is particularly true as we are experiencing Saturn conjunct our natal Saturn also known as a Saturn return.

April 25
On the opposite side of the sky, the Sun as of April 20th, joined Venus in the sign of Taurus. Mars conjunct the Sun was right on her heels of and entered Taurus shortly afterwards. Venus is about 7 degrees way and conjunct them both. Conjunctions mean planets are working together even if they normally don’t work together so well, like Mars and Venus. In this case Venus is in a home sign and Mars has just left his and he’s not so happy about it. This conjunction smoothes out some of the wrinkles caused by the unhappy Mars but does little for the opposition to Saturn and the moon.

You might notice more anger in people with Mars/Sun conjunction too. Do your angry_couplebest to take this in stride and live your life the best you can. Getting angry won’t do any good and in the long run it only hurts the person that is angry.

In contrast to this conjunction, Venus is in opposition to Saturn on the 22nd . Saturn will be and opposite the Sun, Mars and Mercury for the next few weeks. The Venus/ Saturn opposition bring up our losses, abandonments and fear of loss. You could feel like closing yourself off from the world when it comes to love and money, two things we typically value most.

In between all these conjunctions and oppositions is Pluto. He is sextile to the Moon and Saturn and trine to the Sun, Venus and Mars.

Pluto is the planet of death, destruction, and rebirth, and oversees things that just have to happen. A change in leadership will be taking place. We’ve seen this in some respects in the death of Margret Thatcher and Jonathan Winters, both prominent leaders in their fields.

The-point-of-no-returnPluto takes care of the things that have gone past the point of no return. Remember we are dealing with loss, love, fathers, authority, and deep inner work so whatever is in these areas that has come to the point of no return, and Pluto will be doing his thing. You won’t be able to hide even from yourself and get away with it anymore.

Don’t for a minute think it’s all gloom and doom. Keep in mind the rebirth, recycling, rebuilding and rejuvenation that Pluto brings us. So whatever happens, even if your best friend or long term love dumps you or an authority figure close to you leaves keep in mind there is a rainbow coming. All these things are out of our control anyway. I think it will be best to be focused on what we can work on and do that work. Easier said than done I know but please do your best. The planets are supporting you to own your own stuff now. There is no blame.

Thursday the lunar forces peThe Umbra of Earth. Composite picture of lunar Eclipse taken in Bejing. Shows curve of Earth's shasow.ak out with the Full Moon and this is also energized by the eclipse. This creates even more opportunity for change. As if we didn’t have enough already? This Moon will also add balance to the transformative things we are experiencing in the world in general. If you have been following my posts since the beginning, you already know that Saturn was asking us to look ahead and decide what we want the rest of our lives to look like and make changes even before it moved to Scorpio. This is a huge undertaking as most of us know.

The universe is gracious in that any time it asks us to make a big decision or change in big ways it doesn’t ask us to do it all at once. Instead we get a nice long window in which to do this work. While this window basically closed since Saturn moved into Scorpio, not all is lost. We have a wonderful period in which to work, now through July. Take advantage of it. If your birthday is on or very near April 25th or October 25th, this could signal a significant turning point in your life sometime in the next six months.

Now we come to the shameless promotion part of the blog.
All of this inner work and transformation can be mind boggling and cause you to feel your feet and your brain are in quicksand. I know. I’ve been through it. Recently a few folks have called on me to help. If any of you need help or want someone to talk to about this please get in touch. I can help guide you through the muck because this is exactly what I have been doing myself for the past several years. I would be happy to make an appointment with you if you like. I offer life coaching, hypnosis, energy work and mentoring. My rates are reasonable too.

Till next week my friends……..Don’t forget to LOVE your mother! compassion1