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S????????pring has finally sprung here in central North Carolina. Hard to imagine just the week before we had sleet and this past week temperatures reached into the 80’s making last night a perfect Saturday night for a high school prom.

This week the stellium or close grouping of predominantly personal planets in Aires is beginning to break up and begin moving towards a sign change. But between now and then there are many other aspects we could take note of.

Friday Pluto turned retrograde. He will be moving backwards till September 20th. This is not nearly the dramatic retrograde associated with a Mercury retrograde. In fact this is much more forward moving in many respects and any discomfort comes from inside us and our discomfort at facing ourselves. Some people fear what they will find inside almost more than anything. I will admit that going deep is hard to do but I also appreciate the help Pluto in retrograde can offer me too.

Anytime a planet is retrograde is takes up back over things we have already 320px-Retrograde_Motion.bjb.svgcovered in the sign it’s in. This time Pluto will be taking us back for another look at all the ways Capricorn shows up and affects our lives. If you remember Capricorn is where we get our sense of duty, responsibility, and our goals for the future, drive to tend the family business and organize what is disrupted. Capricorn wants us to set guidelines and rules for behavior. I always associate it with the work ethic. But Capricorn can also be too business like. In this case I imagine someone like Donald Trump. I see the purpose of studying astrology as learning to take advantage of what is presented. Because of this inward reflection, understanding a retrograde Capricorn is of particular interest to me. Little wonder because have Pluto Rx in my natal chart.

For the next six months Pluto will be asking us to go back over things and purge what is not longer useful. This could be a relationship of some sort, or a job that we feel has too much control over us. You may also feel a need to physically detox or improve your nutritional and exercise habits. You may also notice a desire to improve your mental health as well. As we move through this phase of Pluto, we are sure to come face to face with some unpleasant moments, even cruel ones. The up side is that Pluto is working in our favor and helping us move forward.

Another important aspect to note is the long ongoing Yod formed by Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus. The Yod or Finger of God is when two planets are sextile (60 degrees apart) and each of those is quincunx (150 degrees) to another planet. The Yod is rather uncommYodon but this one has been hanging around since late December. In this case Jupiter and Uranus are sextile and Saturn is quincunx the other two. We also get to throw Mercury in the mix since he is so close to Uranus in Aries. This Yod is asking ALL of us, the whole planet, to expand through sacrifice. This configuration can is quite complex to understand and to interpret so I am not going to go into this more than this. Lets just say the universe is working hard to help us shift things we need to shift in order to grow and evolve, whether we are aware of it or not. Be grateful for this assistance!

As I mentioned earlier, we have a few sign changes coming up. Venus leads this off when she moves into Taurus on Monday April 15th. Taurus is one of the two signs Venus rules and she will be quite happy there for the next month. This combo will also contrast the influence of Pluto Rx because Venus in Taurus is wants us to be nice as pie and hold on to things and people you love, not purge them.

The sun joins Venus on Friday the 19th. Think about a bull now, stubborn, powerful, and slow to change. You could say they are set in their ways. The good news is that the next month will be a great time to get things done. Creativity will be zooming and clear while the Sun is in Taurus. Get those yard sales going or whatever project want to accomplish.

Mars also enters Taurus on the 19th. Unlike Venus, Mars will not be so happy for next few weeks. He is has been quite happy in Aries where he can huff and snort, burp and fart all he wants too. In Taurus he feels clumsy and awkward. Being in Taurus1such a ladylike sign is just not his style. This could result in aggressive stubbornness. Oh Joy! Things could even get ugly at some point. Now that you know this, you know what to look to avoid conflict and hurting others don’t you?

Mercury will be conjunct Uranus on Saturday. You may have noticed his influence all week long through your conversations. You might also notice your thoughts taking center stage this week too. Relax and allow this to be.

Personally I have two astrological events coming up in my chart. One is a Saturn return and the other is a Jupiter return. Should you be interested, I will be writing more on these events at a later time. In the meantime, for the gardeners in the crowd, “The Old Farmer’s Almanac” says Sunday – Tuesday and poor planting days. Wednesday – Friday will be good days for planting above ground crops, seed beds and flower beds. Saturday the 19th will be a great day for weeding and dealing with those plant pests that annoy us so.