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sleetWe had a wide variety weather wise last week. Thursday it sleeted and snowed across the state and Saturday was a perfect warm, sunny spring day. Looks like this Tuesday the midwest might get more witer weather as well. Spring has taken F-ADVISORY3-300x168a long time to get to the middle of North Carolina this year. Will summer come quickly? It would be nice to have a month or more of spring- like weather before the air conditioner is needed.

This news season brings all sorts for new things to our lives; new plans to make, new projects to begin, new activities, and new gardens. The heavens are assisting with our getting things moving also. This week we have a New Moon, Pluto changing directions and Mercury changing signs. Plus the 2013 eclipse season is just two weeks away. I will talk more about that later.

Hopefully you already have your garden planned out and perhaps some things are already in the ground. If not, this week will be a good time to work on that. The Old Farmer’s Almanac says that Monday and Tuesday are good planting days for root crops or for transplanting. If you have not broken ground yet, the New Moon in Aries on Wednesday or even Thursday will be the best days do break ground or cultivate. Friday and Saturday will be great days to plant all your above ground crops. new moon

The New Moon inAries is all about newness. This is a great time to begin new projects. But on Friday Pluto gives us a very different message as he turns retro grade for the next five months. It’s time to discard the old, unused things in our lives. If you have been feeling like a dietary change such as detox or eliminating sugar, meat or making other changes this five month period will support this change. Uranus in Aries is also asking us to break away from the old ways of doing things. I would say that changing our food habits for the better would fall into this category.

I highly recommend a detox. You don’t have to go crazy with this either. It can be as simple as eating nothing but apples for 1-3 days. You might be amazed at how good your skin will look and how good you will feel. Pluto retro grade wants you to go deep and make changes the long term.

Communications heat up on Saturday when Mercury joins the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries. WOW! You might be aware of Aries youthful energy and desire to do things quickly. Combine Mercury and Aries and you have a recipe of speaking without thinking. This could cause some problems so for those of use that tend to do this anyway; we might want to take extra time before letting the comments fly for the next three weeks.

Early this week the Sun, Venus and Mars are all conjunct or near conjunct. Keep in mind the impulsiveness of Aries. He is courageous and wants to conquer all he sees. You can expect to feel confident, courageous, spontaneous, and direct.

angry_coupleThe shadow side of these energies besides speaking without thinking is impatience, arrogance, self centered and being blind to how your actions affect others.

Jupiter is in Gemini and information and ideas might be coming into your focus. If you feel like writing, don’t ignore the urge. Let the thoughts and words flow even if they don’t make sense. Just letting the words have a voice and getting them out of your head will do wonders for your organization and productivity. Don’t think that one day will do the trick. You have to do this for several days or longer to see the benefit.

Saturn as you might remember is questioning authority. If you have been paying attention to any of the new recently, it seems clear that things are not as they seem. You and I are not in control like we might have once thought. It is probably a good thing that we have Neptune to guide our spiritual flagship for a few more years yet. He will also help us to be more creative, dream and surrender to the knowledge that all is but illusion.

imagesConsider this a week of new beginnings. Get busy with your plan. Write things down. Draw, dream, and don’t forget to include boundaries. I hope your spring is full of good things! Till next week…..Peace, Love and Joy!