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Photo by Michele Strub                www.mikalogue.com

Happy Easter everyone!     

This holiday symbolizes spring in such a big way. The peeps and bunnies are out in large numbers along with the buds on the trees and the early flowers that are just popping open. The pastel colors to me represent newness too. It’s like the colors are not old enough to be bold and bright. They are still young and like an infant, sweet and delicate.

The Sun is in Aries and feeling enthusiastic. This Sun is impulsive and wants to start things. His needs are simple and he has no problem getting to the point. The Aries Sun is a bit of a pioneer yet often lacks long term planning desires or skills.cropped-beach2.jpg

Mercury is still floating through Pisces along with Neptune. This position is great for the creative mind and our imaginations will continue to get a big boost through April 12. Take note of your connection to the emotional side. This will help you express yourself and make your decisions and plans more intuitively. I just love this!

Dear Venus will be in Aries until April 15. Like the Sun, Venus is spontaneous and impulsive. You know what they say about spring and a young man’s heart? It turns to thoughts of love. After a long, cold winter he might even be a little bit impatient. Neither is Venus about to take time to be sorry or sugar coat anything. The strong desire and need to speak spontaneously can be troublesome for those more delicate. She is up for a good chase as long as she is the one doing the chasing. She is all about being fresh and new and this goes for her relationships too. The Aries Venus likes them best when there is something new and fresh going on.napkin-lipstick-380x235

Venus is conjunct Uranus sparks our flare for the unusual. We might find we are attacked to people we would not normally find so appealing You might also find that you are take more risks than you usually do also. This reminds me of the late 60’s. When Venus is conjunct Uranus, personal freedom and self expression are definitely the theme of the day.

Mars in Aries, well it can’t get any better for Mars than to be in the home sign. He’s all warm, cozy and enjoying the company of the other three planets that have come to visit. When at home, Mars is at his most brave and competitive. He always loves to win but this is his home after all and if you can’t play by his rules you might as well sit down and be quiet. Now would be a good time to exercise your confidence and focus on the tasks at hand. Mars will reward your efforts. On the shadow side, be careful not to be too arrogant or self centered. Mars can surely be impatient, impulsive and rather closed off to self reflection. The good news is that all this is pretty short lived. YAY!

Saturn is trine Neptune this week. You might notice your concentration is better than usual and so is your intuition. I have noticed my intuition being more on point for the past few weeks. I will want to pay attention to it this week too. Saturn will add a dash of practicality to our intuition too. If there is a problem or puzzle you have been trying to solve, try again this week. You just might have some luck!

The Pluto Uranus/Mercury Square is still in effect this week. I’ve been noticing this energy in increase earthquake activity around the globe. Then there are the monTimBostey issues in the news. This is not a subject I am well versed in however so I will choose to sit back and observe the banks and the markets rather than speculate. I do hope you will check out my friend Tim Bost and his work in this area if that is something that interests you. http://realbusinessresults.com/marketastrologer/           You can also sign up for Tim’s newsletter @ http://www.timbost.com/

Spring has not quite sprung yet in many areas of the country but never the less most of us have spring planting on the brain. Here is the planting guide for this week.

Sunday- Monday …don’t plant, good for plowing, weeding and cultivating.

Tuesday – Thursday …good for planting root crops like beets, carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, radishes and turnips.

Friday and Saturday…great days to weed and get rid of plant pests.