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We have moved from having a throw big down in Pisces to a smaller gathering in Aries. This week begins with a cross in the sky. Uranus and Pluto squared and the Moon opposing Mercury and Neptune. Now that’s a lot of whammy! But all in all it is propelling us forward into an exciting spring and all sorts of new beginnings. Take a moment and think about all the new things that this week brought you. I would love to see some comments. Personally? Well I will spare you the details and suffice it to say there are quite a few new things in my world too. Not the least of which is more organization and purging. But after you take a look at the new things in your life, let the universe know you are grateful, even if what is new is also difficult. It is in the difficulty that we learn and evolve. Be grateful for that!

The sign of Aries is a fire sign and lends that energy to all who enter. It’s a cardinal sign and comes from the Latin word “cardinalis” which means pivotal or principal. The French word is “cardo” meaning hinge. There are four cardinal directions and four cardinal seasons each with a fire sign at the helm. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by Aries the god of war and represents our childhood, spring, new beginnings. Aries is short on patience and tends to only see the shortest path to what he wants. He will often charge full steam ahead in spite of the obstacles in his way. He is also brave and great at starting projects but he is not as good at completing them.

astro_2gw_31_march_27.74234.57581Now combine what you know about Aries with the energy of Venus, Uranus, the Sun and Mars and you have quite an interesting mix. Mars is probably the most comfortable of them all since he is in his home sign. Last year this time he was touring Virgo and not exactly a happy camper either. With the Sun in Aries you will probably want to be noticed for your good work and achievements.

Venus in Aries can be aggressive and direct so try not to come on too strong or you might push others away. On the other hand, with Venus ruling money, there could be some good financial surprises in store for you. On the world front? Time will tell. I’m guessing there will be some explosive news soon though. Remember that Uranus is also in Aires and in charge of quick changes, chaos, rebellion, storms and upheaval. With Uranus doing the square dance with Pluto things can get quite hot and explosive or change in the blink of an eye. Should there be a sudden change in your love life you will know where is probably came from. Who knows? With Venus conjunct Mars, things could get quite in sync and even a bit frisky! But the Venus Mars conjunction will lean more toward personal freedom than passion and intimacy. This foursome in Aries sure gives us a mixed bag doesn’t it?

Did you read about the meteor that was seen Friday night in the skies along the meteor-shower_2eastern seaboard? Reports came from North Carolina north into Canada at about 10 minutes before 8pm. This is just the most recent of many fire balls that have been seen in the sky since the one in Russia about a month ago.
There has also been increased activity in volcanic eruptions and earthquakes around the globe.

Wednesday brings us a full Moon in Libra opposite Neptune, Mercury and Chiron. Where ever Chiron is in your natal chart this could means some emotions come up around that wound. For me, Chiron is in my house of siblings, communication, teaching, short distance travel and transportation. I am not going to even think about it. Currently I am more interested in Chiron close aspect to Neptune. They’re going to be in within 8 degrees or less for the rest of the year and into the first few months of next year and remain close for even longer than that. When the Universe wants us to really address or change something, it doesn’t expect us to do it in a flash Instead it gives us a long window of opportunity to adapt and evolve. Chiron’s closeness to Neptune is providing the world to do some big time inner healing. And since we are part of the microcosm of the macrocosm this means we personally have the same opportunity with us. How’s that for something deep?

The Moon opposite Mercury is a good time to write letters but not sign contracts. It can also be have a strong psychic pull too. This Libra full Moon is a great time to get your personal life organized. End those bad habits and begin developing new good habits. Clear the clutter and detox and get rid of the personal weeds that are HairCarenSPAchoking the life out of you. Take Epsom salt baths all week and add some baking soda, sea salt and your favorite essential oils to make this a really relaxing, therapeutic and meditative time of your day. If you can take even more time to chill out, light some candles and listen to a guided mediation at least once this week. The Epsom salt and all the other ingredient will help you detox. The music and mediation will help clear the mind. With all the fire energy around we need a bit of this Libra Moon’s influence to add some balance to our week and your life.

spring plantingWhen it comes to that spring planting many of us have on our minds. Early in the week is best spent getting rid of weeds and nothing else. Do you see a personal parallel here? Save the actually planting until the 27th and from then on till through the 30th feel free to plant all the root crops you like. Plant flowers, grains and fodder crops on the 27th and 28th. Start seed beds and plant flowers or transplant from the 29th-30th.

The gathering in Aries mid week has the Sun sandwiched between Uranus/Mars and Venus also at mid week. Even though Aries has competitiveness about him, you might find that you can’t do much right this week. Oh my! That Epsom salt bath could be the only sweet spot in your day this week. On the other hand someone has to win the battle and it could be you. Not to worry! This too will end soon and something else will take its place.

Full-Moon-588x441The Moon moves about the chart quickly and by the 28th is replaced in the scene with Pluto. This sure is one big square dance. Yes now our planet of death and renewal is square the Sun, Neptune, Venus and Mars. Remember Pluto is in Capricorn and Capricorn is the status quo, tradition, and the way we’ve always done things. Uranus/Mars is like the new guard and bucking the establishment. Sounds like the 60’s doesn’t it? I feel like the difference is this time these guys mean business. We are indeed being pushed to change and evolve into new ways of thinking and doing things. In this country this is mirrored in divide between our political parties. Just making an observation; not trying to start a debate.

All in all I would dare say that every one of us is in for some action in the next few weeks. I’m sure you will be just fine. Just remember that the full moon gives us two weeks to end the old and begin the new. Detox and have some fruit instead of sweets. A diet of whole foods will detox naturally. Relax in a bath or two, or even every day this week. Allow the warm water, Epsom salts and other ingredients to smooth the wrinkles and sooth any wounds the planetary action might cause.

I want to remind you that you need to know where the planets are in your natal chart. For a complete reading I highly recommend my friend Shelley Overton. You can contact her at http://www.astrologerangel.com/

Should you be interested in astrology as it relates to finances, I have a great source for you. Tim Bost is an old friend from my home town that now lives in Florida. He has a great blog site full of info relating to the market and finances. Check him out at http://realbusinessresults.com/marketastrologer/?p=726&fb_source=pubv1

Until next week friends……remember to say “ Thank You!”