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Lots of people seem to be talking about the energy last week brought us. Without getting into a deep discussion on this I just want to say that if you felt anything, that’s a good thing. It’s all right on time and in perfect order so don’t worry about it. Relax and stay in the moment.SpringEquinoxEgg

Now I want to wish you all a Happy Spring! It officially arrives this week. The Sun moves into Aries on Wednesday, March 20th. This marks the spring equinox and the first day of two days each year when we have equal light and dark. This is also a good time to map your garden for the year.

This first day of spring represents new growth in more than just the garden. I’ve sure been thinking about my garden lately. But what about our personal lives? What do you want to see grow in your life this year. The first day and first week of spring is not only about the garden. It’s about our growth too. It’s about the equal light and dark or balance inside us, our whole lives and our whole world. What a perfect week to plan what you need to plant to grow not only those new aspects in your life but to gain the balance you will need to live to the max. Meditating on balance and what that means to you could be a great place to start this process.lillys of the valley

This week begins with Mercury stationing on Sunday March 17th. If you’ve had more than a usual share of mistakes, misunderstandings or delays I am sure you will feel better next week. For those of you who get a bit out of whack when Mercury is retrograde, I am sure this is welcome news. Remember there is still the storm period before Mercury is back to normal. This storm will last until March 26th.

There is a bit of a prickly sign change coming mid week when Venus also moves into Aries. This sign is a bit too aggressive for Venus to be really comfy. But every girl needs to get her hands dirty once in a while and this is Venus’s chance to do just that. Perhaps she will be getting her hands dirty planting her own seeds? When it comes to love and money you may feel a more aggressive urge thanks to Aries influence.

Now we come to Friday the 22nd. Early last week as I was looking ahead at the charts for this coming week, I noticed an interesting pattern in the chart for this day and will attach an image to this post. I have inquired with two astrologers I know and one has had time to get back with me. My dear friend, Shelley Overton of http://astrologerangel.com/ said she sees a house and feels like this pattern relates to the home. I see a crab which can also relate to home and family. Whatever you see, there are some interesting aspects that day for sure and I find Untitled-3it all interesting.

Friday offers a mixed bag for sure. Mars joins Uranus and gives a boost and fans the flames of feelings of freedom, individuality and being impulsive. This union is rather volatile and should be noticed especially since they are square Pluto. Together these three can cause all sorts of trouble and make Mercury retrograde seem like a walk in the park. The difference is, this time; machines, weapons and weather are the target. Please remember that if you are feeling these or any difficulties, we have free will. The universe is showing you places you need to grow and things you need to change. It’s all good!


If you have not gotten a chance to see comet Pan-STARRS you still have time to. It will be visible at least with binoculars about an hour after sunset in the western sky. Enjoy your week whatever you do. Making it a great one is all about perspective.