The probably discovery of the Higgs Boson was announced on July 4th, 2012. On March 13, 2013 they declared this discovery to be correct. I decided a re-post of an article I wrote last summer on this topic might be a nice idea. Hope you enjoy it!

The source info comes in part from an interview with Peter Canova, international businessman and hotel developer turned Gnostic and American Gospel expert. Canova has studied ancient mystical teachings, quantum physics, and psychology. Depending on your view of spirituality, the discovery of the Higgs Boson could be either validating or of little consequence. For those of us that follow the more esoteric path, the Higgs Boson could provide the key spiritual proof people have long been searching for.

The scientists who operate the world’s largest hadron collider announced on July Cern4th that they may have found the long theorized Higgs Boson or “God particle”. This high energy particle accelerator was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN and is located underground in the Alps at the French and Swiss border. While many have called this 14 yr long building project sheer folly, this announcement has the potential to completely change the way we view our universe. This discovery could be the key or at least a significant link to explaining how we get from a place of pure energy to what seems like solid matter, or how the world was formed. This is also extremely significant to those of us looking to more solidly connect science with spirituality. The Large Hadron Collider or LHC for short is a phenomenal invention. It is able to take one tera electron volt or the energy, equivalent to that of a mosquito flying and force it into a space about one million million times smaller than that same mosquito. With this you get a sense of why it’s also called the high energy particle accelerator.

Perhaps you remember learning in school that the world and everything in it was made of tiny bits of stuff called molecules. And these molecules are composed of even smaller bits called atoms. And atoms are composed of even smaller bits called protons, neutrons and electrons. What you might not have learned is that this is the basics of what is known as the “standard model of particle physics”. This standard model according to Wikipedia “is a theory concerning the electromagnetic, weak, and strong nuclear interactions, which mediate the dynamics of the known subatomic particles. In other words it’s a mathematical model which through theory and experiment explains or describes what has been observed by particle physicist so far.

The model has changed over the last few decades with each new discovery. Today we know there are more particles than the ones we learned about in school. The quark was discovered in 1977, the top quark in 1995 and the tau neutrino in 2000 to name a few of the twelve thus far discovered. So as you can imagine, the original model has morphed with each additional discovery. The Higgs Boson is one of the theoretical particles.

These subatomic particles can be classified two ways, either as fermions or bosons. They operate in different force fields and lack mass. Fermions on the other hand have mass and only one fermion can be in a state at a time. So it would appear that the boson is energy and the fermion is the particle but when we are dealing with the subatomic level things don’t always follow the rules of science the way we ap_god_particle_lpl_130314_wgthink they should. The boson seems to be able to go from energy to particle and as a result is called a virtual particle. One example is the photon which is energy but also moves in and out of acting like energy to acting like a particle. This is what the Higgs Boson seems to do. We can further define the Higgs Boson to be a distinct form of energy with a distinct path.

The Higgs field is believed to be everywhere, part of all things and in all space. Much like the way the ancients described the ethers or the etheric realm. The ancient Greeks believed the ether penetrated everything, was not material and every passed through it. Clearly they did not have the understanding or terminology of modern science but it seems they were capable of tapping into some bank of universal knowledge and relayed this knowledge in the method of the day. We call this method “Myth” and for decades these stories were thought imaginations of the authors. Today we are learning there is more to them and they are indeed accurate and truer than we once believed.

The Nag Hamadi Gospel discovered in Egypt in 1945, contains a creation story about an Aeon. Some think of an Aeon as an angel(no s)but they are more like a divine vibration or a large current of intelligent energy. In the Nag Hamadi story it Nag Hamaditalks about one particular Aeon named Sophia. As the story goes Sophia left the divine realm and went to another one called Chaos which was full of unformed
matter. When she entered Chaos, all the elements of Chaos swarmed around her and slowed her divine energy and created matter. This is exactly what happens when lighter forms of energy pass through the Higgs field. The bosons swarm or form around this lighter energy, slowing it down, crystallizing it and this creates particle matter.

Not all science believes that myths were actually pointing the way to the new sciences of today or that there could be such a thing as a god particle. There is a more material view, fueled by resentment that was created by the church as it worked hard to snuff out or at least slow the rate and the path of scientific query. Our modern academic world seems to be controlled by the philosophy of Darwin rather than sound scientific theory. Scholars that tout the theory of intelligent design are ridiculed by their peers, threatened with loss of tenure, and said to be attempting to justify or even prove Biblical creationism. The very idea of intelligent design goes against the grain of traditional scientific thought and does exactly what science says it is supposed to do. That is to follow the trail of scientific discovery. So for now we are still caught in the midst of this conflict between traditional religion and materialistic science, and yet on the edge of a new way of viewing things or a whole new paradigm. The more we uncover and learn about our world and decipher what the ancients left us, the closer we get to a union or blending of scientific and religious ways of thinking. What this boils down to is a more stable and accurate view of the world or reality.

While no one has all the answers to the deep questions this stirs up, the probable  discovery of the Higgs Boson leads science to think the world is more about energy than it is about particles. Perhaps our understanding or the lack there of, is god-particle-higgs-boson-gicompounded by the fact that we live in a world of space time. This realm seems to be counter to where our being comes from or where our origins lie. Consciousness seems to be the key component. This single conscious energy seems to be an aspect of everything in the universe. This is not unlike a hologram and exactly what the ancient spiritual traditions teach us. This is also what quantum and torsion field physics are not only theorizing but proving.

Physics’ David Baum noticed in the 1980’s that particles in the lab that were microscopically the equivalent of millions of billions of miles from each other were able to communicate instantly to each other. He theorized they lack any individual identity or existence and are indeed part of a single unit just like the hologram. We may not recognize this wholeness due our perspective. (Perspective is everything you know). This might be illustrated best when we think about two cameras focused on the same subject from two different angles. While it might appear as though there two of whatever it is the camera is looking at, in reality there is only one and only one source for the images. So in a roundabout way the world as we see it is not really that way we see it but more like a projection of information or a hologram.

The discovery of the Higgs Boson absolutely validates Einstein’s equation E=MC2, which means energy and matter are interchangeable Einsteinforms of the same essence. Or in other words, matter or mass originates from light energy and will revert back into light energy. This is precisely what much of the spiritual community believes about the human spirit. We are energy having a human experience. After learning about the Higgs Boson and how it functions, it seems to me the boson could be that with which we communicate when we access the higher realms of the ascended Masters, Angles and all other spirits and enlightened beings. At the very least it is perhaps the vehicle through which this communication takes place. And since it has the ability to move from energy to particle it could be the very mechanism for manifestation of all sorts.

KMC 8/1/2012