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Before I get started I want to say there is a lot going on in the heavens. Don’t let this get you in a tizzy but if things seem to be a bit out of whack or over emotional for you right now the following could help you understand why.

First of all I want to remind you that the comet named Pan-STARRS is making is closest approach to the Sun today, Sunday March 10, 2013. This should heat the comet enough to help it be visible to the naked eye in the northern hemisphere. Look of it later as early as the 11th low in the western sky shortly after sunset. Many sky watchers have already gotten a good look but this week will be the best for general viewing.

Last week began with five planets transiting through Pisces. This week begins with solar-system-110511six planets and the asteroid or dwarf planet Chiron in Pisces and all lined up in a row. In astrology terms, this grouping is called a stellium. Uranus is just ahead of them at 7 degrees Aries. The Moon joins in the Pisces party on the 10th. This makes a total of eight (8) planets in alignment on the 11th, seven of them in water. Let’s not forget that Saturn and the North Node of the Moon are also in the water sign of Scorpio. Now that is a great deal of water, wouldn’t you say? No doubt they are trying to tell us something and I have read this is one of the most unusual alignments ever seen.

We all know that lots of water can cause flooding. Pisces is also a spiritual, intuitive sign. I’m hoping all these planets in water don’t mean floods of water but will be more floods of consciousness instead. There are many ways this could go but be sure that there will be lots of something to experience albeit confusion, divine revelations, or floods of emotions. It’s all part of the shift we are going through and necessary for our evolution as humans.

When you look at the chart for March 11, 2013, you might notice a definite pattern to the way the planets are laid out. There is a definite “V” shape. Saturn and Jupiter form the wings of the “V”. Since Uranus is not actually part of the Pisces party and far enough to ahead of the other planets, it joins Pluto in the sidelines. I am sure you are quite confused about now. But wait! It gets even more confusing!

Along with this “v” it seems nearly all other planets are either conjunct, trine, or square several other planets in the chart for the day. There are a few sextile and semisextile aspects sprinkled about but they mostly involve Uranus.

Now that I have totally confused you, let me try to briefly explain some of these terms I’ve just thrown out there.


Conjunct,  The strongest aspect in astrology. Two planets are working together or as a team and 0-8 degrees of each other.

Trine  is the most favorable aspect in astrology. Too many trines can cause laziness or weakness. Planets are 120 degrees of each other give or take 9 degrees or so.

Sextile planets are 60 degrees apart and also work together in harmony and bring opportunity. While this is a favorable aspect, a sextile require some effort to reap see the benefits. We can be lazy under this aspect.

Semisextile planets are 30 degrees from each other and while a favorable aspect, it is not as powerful as sextile planets.

Quincunx or inconjunct is when planets are 150 degrees apart and they don’t share one of the four elements. This aspect is considered unpredictable and moderately difficult. It’s frequently linked with health issues by some astrologers.

Square aspects are when planets are 90 degrees from each other. This is the most difficult of aspects and known for the obstacles it presents and lessons it teaches.

This by no means covers all the planetary aspects there are. I simply thought it might help you to know a bit about the current aspects. Once again I want to caution you not to let this concern you too much. Each of us are affected differently by these aspects and of course there is our free will. My wish is to help you see where there could be trouble spots so you can make adjustments to avoid difficulties. Remember that some difficulties are necessary lessons and important to our evolution as well. Seize the opportunity. Change is upon us and change is good!

Here is a list of aspects for March 11th according to the event chart for 12 noon in my area for that day.

Sun: conjunct the Moon, Venus, Mars, trine the North Node of the Moon.

Moon: conjunct Venus and Chiron, trine Saturn and the North Node of the Moon.

Mercury: conjunct Venus, Neptune, and Chiron, trine Saturn, semisextile Uranus, sextile Pluto, square Jupiter.

Venus: Conjunct Chiron, trine Saturn and the North Node, sextile Pluto and square Jupiter.

Mars: Conjunct Uranus.

Jupiter: Qunicuncx or inconjunct Saturn, sextile Uranus, square Neptune, inconjunct Pluto and square Chiron.

Saturn: trine Neptune and Chiron and sextile Pluto.

Uranus: square Pluto and semisextile Chiron.

Neptune: conjunct Chiron.

Pluto: sextile Chiron.

I’m not even sure this is all of them but the skinny of all this is we are being led to transform. You might recall that Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are in a near square for quite some time. It began with a close aspect in August of 2011 and will last till 2016. The actual square dates during this time are: June 26, 2102, Sept 19, 2012, May 21, 2013, Nov. 1, 2013, April 21,2014, Dec. 15, 2014, and March 17, 2015. For more on this you can refer back to an earlier post on this at http://wp.me/pZHdf-1w. In short, this is energizing our old forms or old ways of doing things to fall away and new ones to rise. I know this is a huge task and seems impossible but when we have a big job like this, the universe gives us lots of time and lots of help. This is perhaps why Uranus and Pluto are in square or near square aspect for so long.

There are a few things in all these aspects that stick out in my mind. One is How Chiron fits into the mix. Chiron is rather new in western astrology but is thought to have a strong influence. He shows us what we need to heal. I can’t help but feel as if he is stirring things up right now that he is conjunct four planets and square another. I think this is one case where being conjunct might not be the best of easiest of aspects. Lets a take a look now.

Chiron conjunct the Moon makes us feel rather tender and see criticism when there isn’t any. You may also feel the need to “mother” others who might be having difficulty with their emotional language. Be careful not to be a smothering mother type.

Chiron conjunct Mercury assists us with our ability to teach. Communicate and inspire others to think more broadly. You could be great with words yourself and think you said something brilliant when actually you baffled your audience with BS or visa versa.

Chiron conjunct Venus can be a fabulous art teacher and give great financial advice thanks to the fact that Venus rules the money sign of Taurus. At the same time, personal money matters could be in bad shape. Chiron in Venus also wants us to spend as much time making sure we are having fun in our relationships as we are making sure our partners are happy.

Chiron conjunct Neptune shows us where we avoid reality. If you remember last week I mentioned addiction being a side of Neptune in Pisces. Be cautious not to be taken in by persuasion. It is important to maintain a balance in all things now. You can be sympathetic to someone’s story without giving in or being conned. Finding creative ways to express yourself will be your best bet. Bake or build something. Take an art class. Clean out the closet or those drawers you have been meaning to go through. Write down your thoughts or volunteer some place. Do anything but hide from things. Creativity will do you good.

Chiron square Jupiter can help us inspire others like Mercury conjunct Chiron. But we can also come off like we have all the answers when we can’t even look our own problems in the face. Be careful not to get off your own path of healing. Jupiter can bring us surprise opportunities for healing if we stick to the task instead of looking for a more comfortable zone to hide in.

Chiron trine Saturn can be a blessing that steers us away from a path of laziness. Saturn brings more discipline to our dreamy, floating life now. He adds his wisdom of the world so healing can take place.

WOW! That is a lot to take in? And that is only the aspects that involve Chiron. I won’t go into each aspect of the other planets now but I will give you plenty to think about none the less. To begin, let’s go back to Pluto.

I’ve already reminded you about Pluto’s aspect to Uranus but let’s refresh here. Pluto is in charge of death, destruction and things that have gone beyond the point of no return. He takes care of things when there is nothing left to do but let go. Where ever Pluto is in your chart, he is showing you where you will be sure to experience great joy through great pain. The words “evolution” and “change” come to my mind once again. Pluto is preparing to turn around and go retro grade on April 12th. He will travel back to where he was in the heavens just before Christmas. Anything you didn’t get then, any lessons, you didn’t learn, you will get a “do-over”. Now since all the planets are in the last quadrant of the chart and that represents the world, this means all of us will go through this. Personally I am hoping this doesn’t bring as much death my way as I’ve seen since the 3rd week of December. Either way, I am sure all is as it should be. Like it or not, we get a second chance to learn the lessons we didn’t get the first time around.

Since this week is jam packed with aspects. I will avoid confusing you more than I already have by not touching on each one of them. But let’s touch on a few of the more difficult ones and leave the rest. First I want to remind you to be kind to yourself. Take long walks, skip and laugh as much as you can. Eat well and avoid processed foods, caffeine and alcohol. I can’t stress to be kind to yourself. Don’t get bogged down in the “if only’s” and “should have’s”. Now is where we are and all we really have. Let’s move on from this point, not one from a time long past.

Now back to those difficult aspects this week.
Mercury square Jupiter: Mercury is the messenger and Jupiter is the one in charge of your high spirits, growth and abundance. When these two are in square aspect, we could exaggerate, over estimate or overstate things and be comical at the same time. Be careful to know all the facts before coming to any conclusions.

Venus square Jupiter: This aspect is connected to words like conceited, lazy, vanity, overly emotional and overly optimistic, all amplified by the emotions of Pisces. Think a bit before you speak.

Jupiter qunicuncx or inconjunct Saturn: Be careful you don’t say “yes” to too many things and allow other to take advantage of you.

Jupiter square Neptune: Dreams can come true but try to keep a clear head and not be taken in by wishful thinking.

Jupiter inconjunct Pluto can be compulsive and even more so in Pisces. Again I will remind you to find that balance and remember, this too will come to a end soon.

Over all I think we have seen all sides of our Pisces selves this month and the big line-up this week is the culmination of it all. Hang tough and remember Mars will leave Pisces this week also. We should be feeling the change very soon.