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Happy Birthday to all my Pisces friends! You guys sure have quite a party going on this year! Seven of our planetary bodies are currently in Pisces including its ruling planet, Neptune. That is a lot of loving, emotional, dreamy, intuitive and spiritual influence hitting us. With This sign being so crowded now, you are probably feeling the energy in many ways whether you know it or not. Planets in your natal chart that are in Pisces are getting an extra hit about now but it’s all good. Our Pisces friends are probably getting the biggest hit if all.

The big excitement this week is Comet Pan-STARRS. This comet is already visible in panstarrs_strip the southern hemisphere and on March 5th will be the closest to the Earth. March 10th is will be its closest to the sun. You might be able to catch a glimpse of it in the western sky on March 12th or 13th. Could be a nice photo opt if the weather is good. To learn more about this comet, check out this short video.


There is not much other news this week other than Mercury being retrograde. I said before I that I don’t really let that get to me. I recognize it and go on about my business. Perhaps that is because I don’t usually find it to be all the difficult for me. I know many people who seem to be deeply affected. Perhaps a better understanding of this can help us redirect things more confidently. I am finding it most helpful in reorganizing my world. The pantry has gotten a complete makeover this weekend. There is still more places I need to reorganize around my house and that is also in the works. Thank you Mercury retrograde.

Anytime a planet is retrograde it’s a good time to reflect on things. The planet is going backward, why shouldn’t we? This is a perfect time to not only reorganize your home but also your life in general. Reflect on the past. Recognize things you did not like so much and those things that rocked your boat! Take a look at the things you need or want to change. Are there habits you would like to let go of or ones you want to develop? This is great time to work on these things. Get out some paper, a journal or even the white board. Write down your thoughts and ideas.


Part of the Mercury in Pisces energy is creative and I have being creative with my reflections. I used to make lists of things I wanted to do and of course my shopping was always a list. These days I tend to be more visually creative and have gone to circles and spokes. Each circle is a target such as a room I want to organize or a store I need to shop at. The spokes lead to items I need to buy, specific tasks I want to complete or things I plan to change. It’s really fun to do this in color too. It’s all about using Mercury retro in the best possible way.

Even though there is a lot of creative energy flowing and we are feeling really selfless and empathetic, the shadow side of the Pisces Sun is self pity and feeling like a victim. Those that already feel like they are victims of life can spin out and withdraw into depression, drink and drugs. The Pisces energy can make us feel over whelmed at times and wanting to withdraw. If this sounds like you I would urge you to take a good look at how you are responding to need to back away from it all and recoup. Be sure you are being kind to yourself. I have a few friends that took off to the mountains this weekend to just get away from familiar surroundings and people, chill out and do nothing but what they wanted to. That is the positive way to deal with things. Writing, doodling, sewing, yard work, cooking, reorganizing are also positive ways to with draw from it all and recharge.

Venus is one of those planets that have joined the Pisces party as of last week. The Goddess of love is adding her energy to our selflessness and empathy. She is also blurring our boundaries. The border line between black and white is becoming more and more gray. I find this especially interesting since boundaries have been a subject of many conversations. Many of us have difficulty with our boundaries without any outside influence. Venus in Pisces is forgiving and all loving. If you are in the process of redefining your boundaries and having trouble, this could be the reason. Why not start by defining the things you don’t want. This will make discovering the things you do want easier and those lines less gray.

This is the perfect place to talk about Chiron in Pisces. Pisces as I mentioned before is empathetic, loves to be of service and likes to help and heal. Pisces is the champion of the homeless and lost and willing to suffer for others when it’s called for. They believe that suffering for others is a noble act, like the hero that comes to the rescue no matter what he suffered to that end. Chiron is the wounded healer of the wound that never heals. Chiron sees suffering as an unavoidable fact of life. Together Pisces and Chiron can cause some can get stuck in a revolving door of self sabotage; the feeling that we must continue to sacrifice no matter what. The act of suffering therefore becomes noble. This is where boundaries come in again. With Chiron in Pisces it is important to have good boundaries and know what you can change and what you have to allow, let go of, or allow others to deal with instead. Be careful not to get caught up in idea that suffering is anything other than a choice. You might want to take not that Chiron will be in Pisces until April 18, 2018. That’s a full five more years.

Mars in Pisces is pushing us on to more spiritual and emotional trails. We tend to avoid confrontation something I always try to do. There is a trend to be more idealistic and put others first as is the Pisces theme. The Mars is usually the one to fight back when we are attacked but when I Pisces, Mars is more concerned with the other guy.

This week most of the planets are in good aspect to each other. By week’s end Venus however will be in square aspect to Jupiter. This aspect often leads to pleasures seeking. Be cautious not to overdo anything. Put the credit cards on ice so you don’t over spend or over indulge. Hasty decisions are common with this aspect as is the desire to be noticed. The flip side can be procrastination and laziness.

Uranus continues his tour through Aries. This triggers our desire for freedom and uranus-aries-380x235to  be independent. Breaking free from what no longer serves is key. We want to cut those ties that bind us the old ways of things. Change is seldom easy but often needed. It’s time we got in sync with it on all levels, mentally, physically, spiritually and globally. Stop being resistant and accept the bounty change has to offer. Easier said than done I know.
Next week we start off with an amazing alignment in the sky. I will try to get that post up early. Till then, enjoy your week!