This begins our second week of the Sun in Pisces. The Sun is certainly not alone in this water sign. I has no less than three companions and one on the way for a total of six planets or celestial bodies in Pisces by mid week. As of Tuesday, February 26th Venus will join the Pisces party. There is will join the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune.

If you have been reading my astrology posts for at least the past few weeks then you might recall the mention that neither Mercury nor Mars are particularly comfortable in the water sign of Pisces. Mars is fiery and when mixed with water you get steam (and this can be a good thing when it comes to sex). I also stated in an earlier post that I expected the water related weather events to be in the news during Mars transit through Pisces.

The Northeastern part of the US has already gotten quite a nasty taste of this winter weather earlier in the month. Just the past few days, 20 of our lower 48 United States have been under a large winter weather storm event. Snow has been falling in some places at a rate of 3-4 inches an hour and cold air has settled in to all but the southeastern seaboard and the band of our most southern states from east to west. While the current storm is now moving out, there are reports that another storm is developing and expected next weekend. The cold temps, twenty degrees below normal, are expected to reach all the way to Florida. It looks as if Missouri – Kansas border with be the focal point of this cold. So if you were expecting an early spring it might not come as early as you had hoped.

The weather as we all know is a wait and see thing and extremely hard to predict so let’s move on to what the planets can tell us.

Merc Rx

As most of you know Mercury stationed on Saturday and is now traveling backwards or is retrograde in Pisces and conjunct Mars. Since Pisces is water, we could say Mercury is doing the backstroke for a while and has been moving head on toward Mars. The collision or conjunction of these two is wonderful for moving ideas forward as you understand more clearly how things work. The shadow side is that when the ego gets in the way arguments can erupt, we can become suspicious and aggressive if you don’t fully understand things. Communications can get a unusually muddy when Mercury is retro in Pisces so be sure to pay close attention to what is being said. Exercise caution so as not to act in haste and cause unpleasantness between you and others.

Mars in Pisces
Mars in Pisces will also give a boost to the steamy side of Mercury in Pisces. Mars rules how we pursue our desire and also related to sex and romance. This could make up for some of the less than favorable aspects around Valentine’s Day. But once again, be sure your communications are clear and you understand all that is going on. Miscommunications could lead to expectations of the baby kind or the not so pleasant sexual disease. Sex and romance or not, this is definitely a time to pay close attention to details. With Mercury retrograde this is great time to review. Combined with Pisces, you have a wonderful opportunity to not only dive into your sexual side but also to dive deep into your creative, artistic, visionary, spiritual and intuitive self. Try a journal with blank pages or a sketch book and write down your ideas, thoughts and doodles.

Monday brings us a full Moon in Virgo. This will help with our focus on some details of life. It might not be such a good time to show your work off to your authorities like the boss. He might be more like to see mistakes that aren’t there so impress him by being creative with some organizational clearing and cleaning instead.

Venus enters Pisces Monday at 9: 03 pm EST. This will add some fuel to the botticelli-venus

creative fires that are already burning. Empathy and kindness abound and you are more able to listen thoughtfully. If love is in the air, be cautious of love at first sight. Things might not be as they seem, so be sure your glasses are clear and not the rose colored variety.

Wednesday the Sun is conjunct Chiron. This shines light on our life lessons. If you don’t know where Chiron is in your chart you might want to find out. This placement shows you the big lesson you are here to learn. Chiron is the wounded healer or and in mythology was the physician that could not heal himself. You don’t have to be like that if you know where Chiron lies in your chart.

Thursday Venus is conjunct Neptune at 8: 37 am EST. This will also add to the neptune-in-pisces-creative juices that are flowing so freely now. When it comes to relationships, you could see yourself and your heart in a different light and with more clarity. Remember that Pisces is dreamy a bit illusive so don’t throw the baby out with the bath water and remember that the grass only looks greener on the other side. You could regret a decision if you are not careful.

Friday the Sun is sextile Pluto and trine Saturn. Pluto represents death, decay, and destruction oh My! Saturn is our boundaries and resistance to change. Saturn is our father that wants us to do things right. This will help us be more in control of some of the watery aspects of Neptune and Pisces but the more I see of the weather forecast for the weekend, I wonder if Pluto won’t be the one ultimately in charge? Make me cold thinking about it.

Source of Mars in Pisces photo: Danilo Rizzuti /