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WOW! Last week was sure a blast. The Pope resigned and lighting hit the Vatican adding to the  fireworks  heard across the planet as many celebrated Chinese New Year and Mardi Gras. There were also some fireworks in the sky when a meteor exploded over Russia and created a sonic boom, breaking out many windows, collapsing a factory roof and injuring over 1000 people. Last week also gave us the beginning of the Lenten season and Valentine’s Day. What a full week! I hope you found a way to make it a fun week as well.sun

This week the Sun bids farewell to Aquarius and enters Pisces. The Sun will join Mercury, Mars and Neptune which are also in Pisces. This week also brings a change of direction for Saturn and Mercury.

The shadow side of the Sun in Pisces is worthy of some attention. That shadow side is addiction and escapism. Combine this with the often dreary days February can have for us and there could a recipe for things not so good. Please do your best to keep your spirits up this month and not succumb to the shadow side. Get outside as much as you can and spend time with others. IF you find yourself where you don’t know people sometimes just going to coffee shops or a park where people gather is a good thing to do.compassion1

The positive side of the Sun in Pisces is compassion, service, spirituality and creativity. Fantasy and dreams are also big this month. You may find your intuition is sharper this month so why not play with that a bit and see if you can increase your abilities. If you have wanted to consult a psychic or other intuitive, this would be a good month to do it.

Monday Saturn turns around and for the next five months, travels backwards through Scorpio. All retrogrades ask us to reflect on the past and embrace or shadow side. I’ve already mentioned this being a prime tome for addictions and escapism to rise. If this is your shadow side there is no better time to embrace this and seek help. I have a friend in Arizona that sought help last summer when Saturn was stationing. Today he is a very happy camper, ready to take life by the horns and live straight. You will no doubt find emotional strength you never knew you had. The reward is freedom and real happiness. A retrograde Saturn is asking us all to reflect on our lives and change the things that need changing. Addictions or not, we all have things in our life the need this kind of attention. It’s time we all got busy don’t you think?

Tuesday Mercury begins to station and travel less than 40 minutes of arc a day before it retrogrades on Saturday February 23rd. This is the first of three Mercury retrogrades this year and all three are in water signs; Pisces first then Cancer and last Scorpio. The main aspects for all of these retrograde periods will be emotions and beliefs. Mercury brings the information and the water brings the feelings, beliefs, passion and power. This year we will be gifted with three times to take a deep look and reflect on these aspects of our lives, let go of what no longer serves and change what we can. I feel like change is going to the theme for the year but I could be wrong.

People seem to their feathers ruffled over Mercury retrograde. I don’t let it bother me. I do pay more attention to things like contracts, should I need to suddenly sign one. Hopefully there is no need for such sudden action. When things have been in the works long before the retrograde period we are usually safe. Being cautious is always a good idea no matter what direction Mercury is traveling.

Venus has a few interesting aspects this week. Monday she is semi-square Uranus. Our feeling of freedom faces off with our need to be close. We could feel impulsive and want to shop. It’s best to resist this however. Deal with you restlessness in more creative ways like taking a walk, writing or drawing. Conversations with our loved ones might not be in sync either so be careful what you say. Again, we should always choose our words carefully shouldn’t we? Most of these same things apply as both Venus and the Sun is square Jupiter by mid week. Exercise moderation.

saturn         Saturn is trine Mercury, Mars and Neptune this week. We could feel more  organized, Mars trine Saturn is patient, persistent and practical. Security is the foundation, risk assessment, discipline and hard work will be the rule under these aspects. You may also find you are more punctual than usual. Being on time is simply respectful even if it is a trait of Saturn. This is good balance to the Pisces energy right now.

Next week looks to be another busy one. Get some rest and be kind to yourself whenever you can and use the energies of this week to get rid of those things you need to. This is an opportunity to jump start that annual spring cleaning for sure. No wonder certain cleaning projects are on my mind today. For those of you, who are feeling the need to escape, resist. Get to those creative and organizing projects. There is a lot of positive things you can do rather that escape into the depths of, dare I say, addiction. You will have a great week, I am sure of it!