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draft_lens17993181module150467792photo_1306870327what-is-tornado-alley          Last week I mentioned that I expected some big news in the weather department. A few days later there was a band weather unstable weather stretching from the area of Indiana and Illinois down to the Gulf States. There are at least two deaths reported as a result of this band of storms. This is unusual weather for January. Perhaps this is a taste of things to come in the next few weeks while Mars is in Pisces? Time will tell.

Pisces is mutable sign and can’t separate its self from other influences. Right now one of the influences is the warrior Mars. Pisces is compassionate, watery, and emotional and likes to escape from reality and be alone when they become stressed or overloaded. It is by being alone that Pisces reassesses, rebuilds and refresh himself. They often find crowds draining or over whelming. Mars on the other hand is fighter. He is the planet in charge of action and self defense. Mars is brave and daring. He is the part of you that stands up to the world and takes initiative. He governs how you express anger and assert yourself. Mars is also known as the red planet and we also associate several well know terms to this fiery redness like “seeing red” and “all fired up”. Combine Pisces and Mars and you have a more sensitive version of the warrior. Mars can become a champion of the downtrodden and forgotten. The combination of Mars in Pisces in around Valentine’s Day can make the day quite steamy. These same steamy effects can influence our weather to be interesting as well.

Neptune-in-Pisces-3Tuesday has Mercury joining with Neptune and Mercury which are both in the early degrees of Pisces. Wednesday Mercury joins then in this sign. This brings us a mixed bag depending on your own personal chart. For some this will be a great week for spiritual strengthening and for others this could send you running for the hills or at least a big box of chocolate or your favorite comfort food as fear gets the best of some. Those with substance abuse issue will want to be sure to vent in positive ways because this can be a time to be extra cautious with drugs, strong drink, harmful chemicals or gases. With Mercury in Pisces, communications will be bogged down quite a bit. Think if pea soup and you get the idea. The bad news is Mercury will be going retrograde at the end of the month so this effect on communications will last quite a long while; nearly two months in fact.

So now we will have two planets, Mars and Mercury, feeling quite uncomfortable in Pisces and Neptune happy as a clam in his home sign of Pisces. To counteract some of this mid week struggle between fire and water we have Venus in trine with expansive Jupiter. I hope you are able to dial into the optimism, friendliness and sociable energy this trine has to offer. You might even feel a bit lazy and self indulgent. I will caution again to be aware of how you indulge and be use to be safe about it.

Saturday Mercury will be square Jupiter and this means we could be in for an 20266267043648653_bZe3ejyz_boverload of information today. Be careful that you don’t miss something important or neglect important little details. Watch out for exaggerations and big plans. They might be a bit too big to handle id we aren’t careful.

I am feeling like I want to cocoon tonight, make a nice dinner and maybe draw or write. It is quite chilly and I want to get all snuggly and warm by the fire and prepare for the coming week. I hope your week is wonderful and that you are able to make the most of it.