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This week begins with the Full Moon energy. The Moon was full just before midnight last night. I hope whatever you began at the New Moon culminated well for you by the full Moon.

This week brings Jupiter, Mars and Venus into the spot light. Jupiter changes direction on Wednesday and imagesbegins moving forward again and eventually completing its year long trek though this sign in June. As you probably know Jupiter is expansive. He always asks us to grow. Our need to become more aware is strong now and we achieve this through writing, intellectual conversations and learning. Don’t be surprised if you feel drawn to books or feel like taking a class of some sort in the near future. I know I have felt my absolute best when engaged in a conversation about anything other than small talk. Personally, I find my interest in small talk is usually short and when Jupiter is in Gemini you can count me out of if that is all you have to offer. I crave learning in a big way.

There is a Sun/Moon trine that brings a splash of innovation and vision to the luck that is Jupiter on Thursday the 31st. But Friday things take an interesting turn as Mars dives head first into the watery depths of Pisces. Oh My! We all know that water does to fire don’t we? Mars is going to be fighting because it does not like to be in water one little bit. Passive aggressive behavior is the norm here. Along with hidden agendas you may hear of secret plans in the news. This could be something to keep in mind as we watch the news in the coming weeks. I would not be a bit surprised if there is some really interesting weather involving water in some form in the next six weeks also. This could also mean a big snow or ice event also; just a guess however.

venus-aquarius-380x235 On the very same day Mars changes signs, so does Venus. The planet of love enters Aquarius.    Expect our passions to me more about the future and the collective  and less about us for awhile. You are likely to be thinking much more about ways you can assist others instead of yourself and your own relationships for the next month or so. In fact, you might find that people in general get on your nerves and you want to give them all a chill pill while at the same time your love for humanity as a whole is huge. Spring is coming and there are lots of volunteer opts out there. Why not put this energy to good use and give your time to a worthy organization. The calming energy of Venus in Aquarius will also help cool down the high temps of the Mars Pisces combo also.

This Venus in Aquarius energy is quite different from when she was in Capricorn. We were more concerned with security, longevity and stability in our relationships. The Aquarius energy is more aloof and detached. Combine this with expansive Jupiter in Gemini and you have the gift of time on your side to learn what it is you really want and to decide what is best for you in the future without having relationships get in the way of good thinking. I’m sure this could be a tough spot for some of the more emotion types like the Cancers among us but even those folks need a new perspective once in a while. All I see are opportunities. I sure hope you do too!

Have a great week everyone!