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Yesterday, January 19th at 4:45 in the afternoon, the Sun was moved into Aquarius.

aquarius 3 I just love the Aquarian energy. It goes well with the Reggae music I listen to on Sunday mornings. Sometimes even with some yummy Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, like this morning. The Aquarian energy is about being humanitarian, a team player, and co-operation. “One Love, one heart” to me means we are all on the same team, we are universally connected. We are all part of the whole and it’s all good!

The Aquarian energy is honest, loyal, trustworthy and original, one of a kind or even eccentric. As the old saying goes, they follow a different drummer. Their ideas can seem unusual to some, inventive to others, rebellious, and seek to change what it unfair or wrong in the world. Aquarians are intellectuals and individualistic, opinionated and often stubborn. They dislike arguments or fight and are known to be quite sensitive. They are very sensitive and caring. They enjoy long term relationships and loving an Aquarian is like loving no one else.

This week not only begins with the Sun changing signs, Mercury has also moved into Aquarius to join Mars and the Sun. The Taurus moon is square to an Aquarian Mars at mid day, just about the time President Obama takes the oath of office for the second time. We could feel restless or have sudden impulses without regard to the consequences they may cause. We may find that we need to make some adjustments in out plans so do your best to go with the flow.

The week gets better when on the 22nd, the moon, Jupiter and Mercury are trine. This is a good thing. Your insights are good and your thinking is likely more positive and obliging. Expect big ideas and less attention to details, and possibly some good news thanks to this trine.

Thursday could see some fireworks are the Moon opposed Uranus. Momentary emotional upsets could be the case for a brief time. We are talking about the moon after all so this will short lived.

Friday sees an end to any emotional upsets this week when the Sun trines that planet of good luck, Jupiter. This will influence our thinking about morality and our desire to learn while at the same time willing to take risks. Our level of enthusiasm is high and it’s easy for us to co-operate now.

winter-full-moon-larry-landolfi            This mostly lovely week ends with a full Moon in Leo. It’s time to find your balance between what you need and what you need within the collective. The two weeks following the full moon in Aquarius is a great time to fast and /or detox. Personally I am planning an apple fast for three days. I figure after a week of birthday debauchery I may need it. Be patient and wait to start this however. Timing is everything and this is not the week to begin.

So there you have the week in a nutshell. Looks like a good one to me. Tomorrow the plumber comes to fix my leaky sink and a friend is coming Tuesday to celebrate the day with me. The house is almost in order for her arrival. I appreciate the extra motivation she has provided for me to get done the things I have been dragging my feet about.

I hope you have a wonderful week too. It’s going to get a bit chilly here early in the week. By week’s end it looks like we will be back to normal temps for our area. I hope you are safe and warm whatever you do. Remember, intention is everything! Peace, Love and Joy!