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I don’t know about you but I am having a heck of a time sitting down to write down my ideas and things I want to bring into 2013 and beyond. Mars in Aquarius has been causing technical issues with me and many of my internet family this week. I think I will be glad to see him move on to Pisces at 10:44 pm EST Feb. 1, 2013. If you have been experiencing technical or computer problems also, hold on because we have about another 3 weeks to roll with this energy.

Late in the week we have two sign changes. Both the Sun and Mercury take up capricornresidence in Aquarius on Saturday the 19th. While the Sun has been in Capricorn we have been drawn to look ahead, get clear and organized and we have more than likely been feeling quite good when thinking of our long term goals. As I said in the beginning, I have been having trouble getting my thoughts down on paper but I have seen this Capricorn influence show up in the organization of my home. I have actually found myself going through a few drawers and pulling out all the things that don’t belong and throwing away the things I no longer need.

This is a hard task for a creative junkie like me because I can usually see a way to re-purpose things most people throw away. My pantry is full of re-purposed jars the once held bulk items like pickles or cherries. They now hold items like beans, rice, oats, nuts and chocolate chips. My coffee table was a trash find and recently I found an antique oak dresser in really good shape on the curb down the street from me. The past year or so I have been on a constant look out for old pieces of wood like barn wood. And I save wine bottles for a creative project I will do once I have collected enough of them. Clearly I collect too many things and keep things far too long in some cases. So the energy that is driving me to clean is much welcomed and I hope I get much more done before the week is over. Of course with the news of an overnight guest next week boosts the motivation factor quite a bit.


The act of cleaning is perhaps also supported by the impersonal, detached nature of Mars in Aquarius. While technology has sure been taking a hit, our or view of capricorn-logothings from the standpoint of the collective is much improved. We are not so much concerned with our personal stuff right now as we are concerned with the team as a whole.

Capricorn has played host to several planets of late and Pluto has taken up residence there for many years. I can’t tell you exactly when Pluto first knocked on Capricorn’s door or when the exit date is because my computer doesn’t want me to access the online ephemeris or any other page right now. Yep, I think I am looking forward to Mars moving in to Pisces in a few weeks!
One for the planets that has been touring Capricorn is Venus. Are you feeling more emotionally cautious in the last week or so? If you have a partner, are you feeling unsure of their affections or your own? Are you feeling like you need to be a bit more formal in your relationships? Venus in Capricorn wants us to come down to earth more and get real. This is necessary for us to feel secure in the long term. On Wednesday she is conjunct Pluto. This union could cause calamity with things we value. At the top of this list are love and money but other things could be in the mix as well.

My computer is just not letting me do the work I want to do right now to complete computer problemsthis week’s outlook. I was going to touch back on Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Gemini since It has been a while since I spoke much about them. Their transits through a sign as so much longer than the inner planets which move quickly. Perhaps next week I can review these transits.

Looking forward to the end of the week I see Aquarius ahead! My home sign so you know my birthday is close. Please don’t send card, the money one costs will be fine instead. LOL (just kidding) Aquarius is altruistic, scientific, humanitarian, and love to network. Ruled by Uranus there is definitely a rebellious side to the water bearer. The many protests around the world in the past year of so without a doubt have been birthed by Uranus energy. So are the flash mobs. I just love flash mobs, the fun ones where the choirs show up in the center of the mall or the orchestra slowly gathers in the park of town square. They are so amazing to me!

Among things we can expect in the coming month is news of new inventions. Aquarius just loves inventions. We will probably hear news in the areas of images           technology and science also. Can’t wait to see these topics in the news. These are definitely two subjects I love. Charities and all things humanitarian will likely be news worthy also. All good stuff! So now you have a sense of what could be coming your way and an understanding of why. All things both good and bad pass away soon so make the most of the week and plan for the long haul too. Till next week, Peace and Love!