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Here we are on the flip side and the New Year. Have you gotten used to writing drummers2013 yet? And Happy 12th day of Christmas! I’m excited because it’s my annual excuse to make my calorie laden baked onion dip for the Old Christmas part some friends have each year. It is always a good time.

According to numerology we are in a universal year of six. This is a caring and nurturing number. Six is also known as the motherhood number. It’s all about protecting, sacrificing, teaching and healing. Six is the glues the family and community together and without its power things fall apart. To find out what your personal year number is, add the numbers of your last birthday together and reduce them down to a single digit. For instance, if your birthday is today 1/6/2013, you would add 1+6+2+0+1+3 =13, 1+3=4. Your personal year number would be 4. If you would like more info on numerology I recommend a Google search. There are many wonderful web sites full of numbers info. One I have used for over 15 years is www.astrology-numerology.com

The Sun is about half way through Capricorn this week. Mercury and Pluto are huddled together close by. They will be joined by the new Moon on Friday. Looks like the party is definitely in Capricorn this week.

The Sun in Capricorn wants us to be practical, finish things, be responsible and organized. Capricorn likes to know what works and what does not. He feels safe with limits and loves to project goals far ahead.

Mercury in Capricorn is also tends to be practical. I think this is a good influence for the beginning of the year to help us get organized and concentrate on the tasks before us. Why wait till spring to get started on cleaning out those places that seem to collect “stuff” and decide what is worth keeping and what you can let go of. It’s time to get real even in our conversations but be careful not to get snippy or cold.Its OK to get real but avoid becoming pessimistic.

Late Wednesday evening, Venus moves into Capricorn also. This is a sign Venus is not very happy visiting. For the next four weeks she will feel like her beauty takes a back seat and her value is more scrutinized. The good news is that business relationships could get a leg-up between now and February 1st. The next four weeks we might feel things more seriously. Lasting relationships and being faithful are more important now. This could be a good time to foster strong, reliable, long term business connections while at the same time keeping it cool in our personal ones.
Mars in Aquarius is erratic and goes about things with a hap hazard slant. Aquarius venus-aquarius-380x235lends an unconventional method to the madness while Mars steers from a place of detachment and intellect. When Mars is in Aquarius we tend to be more co-operative. We are definitely more focused on the team and less on ourselves and what we can gain personally.

Remember the new Moon is a time for planting. It’s coming up on Friday so you have all week to think about what you want to plant in the following two weeks. If you have not written down your resolutions or goals for the year, get cracking! This could be one of the best years ever for manifesting what you want.

Think about ways you can bring more creativity into your life. Start with just pen and paper. If a list is all you can do now, then do that. Doodle, doodle some more and add some color to the scribbles. When you are cleaning out the “stuff” you’ve creativity    collected, see if you can find creative ways to re-purpose them. Some people think re-gifting is tacky. I think it can be one of the most thoughtful things in the world. It can also be tacky too. We don’t want to pass on trash to others but the over load of pens, paper, books, clothes, bottles, jars, glitter and paint can often be a gift for a very creative friend or a non-profit.

This week could bring on some challenges but I prefer to view these as possibilities. I hope you will too. Life has been throwing some real curves to some folks lately. Not to mention what the weather has dealt out in some areas of the planet. Keep your sunny side up as one of my friends says and do what you can to make this a great week!