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WOW! What a week! The world did not end Friday with the end of the Mayan calendar. ( I never had a doubt about that.) And all in all, mine was not bad, actually pretty good. I sure hope yours was not bad either. But talk about a roller coaster? Or maybe a mixed bag? Well, it over now and time to move on and into the next new era.
This coming week is the Christmas holiday and children around the world are excited and full of wonder. The sights and sound of this time of year are spectacular especially to the wee ones. The days are short; the nights are long and lit with colorful lights that will hopefully lift spirits of all people. This season comes with a share of heart ache as many are alone, cold hungry or suffering in some way. Please remember these souls in your thoughts, prayers and giving.
Besides Christmas , this is the first week of the Sun in Capricorn and the last week of the 2012. This season also comes with its share of heart ache too, as many are alone, cold hungry or suffering in some way. Please remember these souls in your thoughts, prayers and charitable giving.
This year ends just as it began, with a Cancer full Moon on Friday. This Moon is also opposite Pluto. This energy could be good for bringing those powerful winter-full-moon-larry-landolfitransformations we have gone through this year to a safe and sound end.
Mercury is in Sagittarius until early next week. He is still encouraging us to get information and learn from a variety of sources. Hopefully you are feeling a bit more positive and authentic. You could find yourself trying to convince someone of something but now through the lens of what is fair and unfair.
Venus, ahhhh Venus, the goddess of love. She can sure bring us joy and bring us upset as well. She has been in Sagittarius since the 15 and is directing our attention out to the rest of the world. When she was in Scorpio our focus was more intense. For the next couple of weeks, Venus will direct us to be more to the point or blunt when it comes to love matters.
Mars leaves Capricorn Thursday and moves to Aquarius. These last few weeks of venus-aquarius-380x235following the rules has passed and been traded in for a few weeks of no- limits kind of energy. This is a good time to chip away and maybe even break down the barriers in our social and mental relationships. This includes our friends, business associates, and any political groups we might be involved with. I just love the Aquarius energy but that is probably because it’s my natal sign.
Saturn is still rocking a rolling in Scorpio. He’s going to be here until 2015 and Uranus and Pluto will be at odds almost that long. There is much still to transform and change. I’m planning to just settle in for a wild ride myself. Wheeee! Here we go! The energy is explosive to say the least.

SO! That is about it for this week. I wish you a peaceful, fun week and a Merry Christmas. Its not too early to think about your New Years Resolutions. Why not take some time this week to think about what you want and make some notes. I’ll see you next week with more astro news.