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Well! Here we are! We are at the point in time we have been waiting for with much anticipation and trepidation. The end of the Mayan long count calendar is this Friday. Now if you have never studied the Maya and how they measure time, it’s quite different from the way we do it. And their calendar system does not 2012_mayaoriginates with them! They were just the ones that fine tuned it. Their view of time is quite different from ours. The Mesoamericans really use a system of calendars, each with its own cycle of time, the shortest being just 13 days and called the trecena. I won’t attempt to explain it all to you here. I spent a week in 2008 learning from a Mayan elder and I only know enough to confuse you I am sure. Besides, there is much to talk about this week.

Friday is also the Winter Solstice. This particular solstice is thought to be the near exact moment in time when the Sun and our entire solar system will enter into alignment with the center of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. Milky-Way-12ADThis alignment actually takes years to come to so it’s impossible to assign an exact date and time.  Curiously the foremost personality in the field of Mayan calendar studies, Carl Calleman, stated that October 28, 2011 was actually the end of the Mayan calendar. Others would say that the winter solstice 2012 was chosen in particular for its marketing appeal and was therefore gold mine for book sales, seminars and conferences. Regardless of what any one believes, we are in a cycle of change and to me that is what the end of a calendar shows. A calendar gives us a sense of space and time with which we measure cyclic changes. We are simply at the end of a cycle. This cycle just happens to be 26,000 years long.

When we look at this 26,000 year cycle as if it were a day, with this alignment we are now at the darkest point of the night, the midnight point. Curiously that is      exactly what solstice is in our modern calendar year; the darkest day of the year, the midnight point. This ends a cycle and begins a new one just like the end of the Mayan calendar. In the mean time we light candles and build fires to fight the darkness help us believe the light will return. This alignment marks a whole new era.

How it this Sagittarius Sun treating you? Are you finding yourself seeking out connections to things bigger than you, to the whole? Shifting your sights to the big picture will bring you to a more positive place and help us understand the world in we all live in. All this changes Friday as the Sun leaves for Capricorn. This energy is more about responsibility, respect for authority, and takes great satisfaction in completion of tasks and accomplishments.

Mercury moved into Sagittarius last week where is joins the Sun and Venus. We have shifted our focus on going deep for an outlook with more optimism, with more ideals and faith. When Mercury is in Sagittarius we are more interested in what is fair or not, and more likely to believe and persuade others toward our belief.

Venus moved to Sagittarius just yesterday, on the 15th. Even though Sag is a fire sign, this placement is less intense than Scorpio. This love energy is quite different and more focused on the whole than just one person.  I think Venus being in Sagittarius at this time is adds to the wonder of this 2012 energy. From now until January 8th the energy will be more about seeking the truth and a higher meaning to our world. Travel and the desire for adventure may also be on  your mind.

Mars is in Capricorn through Christmas and providing the strength we need to get our plans in order, know what we are doing and get all the holiday chores done. Thank you Mars! You are going to need this energy of order as Mars and Jupiter conjunct leads us down a playful, impulsive path for a bit. Treat others with much respect as you go about your nearly insatiable search for excitement. You could come off a bit boastful yet at the same time pay attention to when you feel the need for space.

There is a lot going on this week. I wish you all great week and I will see you next Sunday. Remember to take care of yourself and not take on too much this week. I know we all want to make this holidays special for all our loved ones but think of yourself too and don’t take on too much. Stays focused on your heart center and enjoy all that you can. Happy Solstice! ! Candle Light 027