Today, Sunday December 2, 2012, the Sun is in opposition to Jupiter. Warning, warning Will Robinson! Remember how to say “NO”. Otherwise you might find yourself overcome by the things you said yes to. This opposition is a hopeful, bright and positively confident. You could over estimate yourself without being aware of it at all. Any consequences could show up as s
oon as Tuesday when the Moon moves into a awkward position with Venus and Saturn in Scorpio. This combo can bring up old wounds.

This wound opening might not be such a bad thing however. This could simply point us to a place that needs work and some emotions that need to be released. Remember the soul is not limited by time or space so you can send love and healing back to yourself, others and any situation from years ago. Scorpio is famous for bringing out those things that we have hidden from ourselves and others. Often this is painful and many of us tend to run and hide from it all. If Scorpio stings in you the next few days with some hidden gunk from your past, try to take advantage of the situation. Seize the opportunity to clear out the closet or the attic so to speak and make room for the good stuff that could come your way.

I think the synchronicity of the Sun in and the winter holiday season to be fabulous. I know not everyone thinks as altruistically as some do but the energy of Sagittarius sure seems to help fuel our charitable giving at this time of year. We are better able to see the big picture. I have decided from now on my giving will all be local. No longer will I give to the corporate or nationally known entities or any kind, (just my personal choice). For me, the local food bank, homeless shelters and children’s programs. The local animal rescue is another popular charity too.

Mercury is in Scorpio until December 10th and driving us to probe intensely deep. Mercury in this p[placement practically commands us to seek the truth. Go inside a find what is masked over and hidden by time, clear the gunk and heal the wounds. This sure seems to be a theme for lately doesn’t it? The cosmos is giving you ample opportunity to get ready for whatever is coming next.

Venus will stroll through Scorpio for another two weeks. She is focusing our attention on deeply passionate relationships. She is not too interested in being flirtatious at the moment. She is instead seeking deeper, more mindful relationships at the moment, almost to the point of being consumed by that one special relationship thanks to Scorpio’s “all or nothing energy”. On the flip side, we fear giving away our power to another person and putting too much faith in a situation or person. Try to maintain the position of the observer. This is actually a good stance to take from now on, not just while Venus is in Scorpio.

Mars is in Capricorn until Christmas day. He is pushing us to be even more focused and conscious of our actions. Mars wants us to look at the future of the relationships Venus is driving us toward. This energy applies to Mercury too. Mars wants us to take Mercury’s depth toward a bright and clear future. Be careful not to become frustrated and distant when you run into the more painful things you might run into. Sometimes when we are experiencing so much Scorpio energy, the emotions that come to the surface can be quite painful and cause us great emotional distress when we don’t quite know how to deal with them. Becoming cool and distant is the shadow side of Mars. While this might be O.K. for a short time, in the long run it gets us nowhere. Should you find yourself frustrated, try to move into the observer mode.

The Moon this week starts off in Cancer and we might feel protective. Monday she moves to Leo and you might feel like playing show and tell. Friday the Moon in Libra finds herself in a power play with the Uranus Pluto square again. It might be best to use the diplomatic side of Libra cool down and disturbances or conflicts that might arise from the square aspect.

Enjoy your week. Make it great. Live from your heart.