Not only has Russia and Peru banned GMO’s but Kazakhstan and now Kenya wants to ban all GM products. You may have heard about the referendum titled “Proposition 37” on the ballot last time in California. That would have required labeling of GMO’s in in that state. Labeling is already required in 61 countries around the world.

This however is not a loss. Rather it is an acceptance of the misinformation or disinformation propaganda spread by the bio tech companies at a rate of over $1 million a day. In other words, the people were spoon fed a story of lies and confusion.

The good news is, this was not actually a fail. The campaign for Prop 37 raised awareness about GMO’s and now there are 30 states that are going to be introducing labeling bills or ballot initiatives. So…..don’t stop talking about this.

The bio tech corps pockets are deeper than you can fathom. Their ability to influence is world wide as well. We MUST stand together against them!