I am so sorry…………..I forgot to post this Sunday when I posted to FaceBook.
Welcome to the winter holiday season of 2012! I hope your Thanksgiving Day was wonderful. There was a lot of anti –Thanksgiving posts on the internet this year and I respect all views on this. I feel it is important to remember that the intention of the first Thanksgiving was to show gratitude. While I find great disdain with the way my forefathers beh

aved toward the natives of this land, I recognize the gratitude all parties must have felt that first Thanksgiving day. It is gratitude I chose to focus on this day and every day and leave the atrocities out of it for one moment.

The Sun in Sagittarius is asking us to reach out to the world. It’s urging us to understand more of the things in this world we might not understand now. I say, learning is always a good thing. Only when we try on the other man’s shoes and walk his path can we see things from his perspective and visa versa. I think it a terrific theme for the holidays too!

This week’s big news is Mercury’s stationing in Scorpio and a lunar eclipse in Gemini. Mercury will be direct on the 26th but it will take till December 1st for him to get back to full speed ahead. He won’t return to Sagittarius until December 10th however so we can expect a couple more weeks of intense and “inquiring minds want to know” thinking and communications. We will likely be looking for the truth that is hidden deep inside. This is what Mercury in Scorpio does after all. It satiates an intellectual need and we find ourselves seeking intellectual conversations and rejecting the chit chat.

Venus moved into Scorpio last Wednesday and I promised to discuss this placement more this week. Combine the passion of Scorpio with that of Venus and you are likely to get more than sparks. Casual flirting is not going to satisfy Venus while she is in Scorpio. She is looking for that intense connection and is quite emotional. Venus as we know is all about relationships and when she is in Scorpio their importance seems to be amplified. We can even feel consumed by them. At the same time a fear of being too easy or gullible, and giving away our power can get in the way of our having fun and being happy. It’s all part of the intensity these two bring to the table. If things seem to lack excitement then you can count on Scorpio to spice things up or stir the pot with some sort of crisis so he feels live, vital and noticed. Venus will get some help this week from her union with Saturn. Saturn will help her feel more stable, reserved and down to earth. Saturn brings good judgment, discipline and duty into the mix. This could be a good thing about now too.

Mars will be in Capricorn until the 25th. He is thinking about the future and looking closely at the results of any actions he may take toward his future. He has a plan and will strive to carry it out with reliability. Should Mars in Capricorn run into some resistance, expect him to become rather icy. Mars is conjunct Pluto on Tuesday and this will help magnify our decisions about our future and how we move forward. Be careful that you don’t overdo things. This is a busy time of year and we should enjoy it without becoming exhausted or creating power struggles.

Mid week we have a lunar eclipse. The eclipse will take place as the Moon sets and be visible in Mexico and most of the US. Those of us on the east coast are not included in the path however. I find it interesting how this there seems to be more focus than ever to spend your holiday dollars supporting your local economy and in fact local economies around the world rather than the big corporations. This eclipse mirrors that very theme. The Sagittarius Sun is looking out globally while the Gemini Moon wants us to stay home. Have you ever heard the phrase “think globally, act locally”? I know in my area there are many, many opportunities to buy wonderful locally made gifts and support local companies too like co-ops and locally owned businesses.

That about covers this week. We are getting closer to 12/21/2012. Don’t worry; it is only the end of a cycle not the world. A new one begins the next day. The old male cycle is over and the new female one begins. Release, let go, and go with the flow. To resist is futile as they say.