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        Happy Thanksgiving! 

This week begins with the Moon in Aquarius. There will also be two sign changes this week, both on Wednesday. This is also the last week of this Mercury retrograde but you can expect its effects to continue until December 1st when he is back up to full speed again.

Retrograde Mercury seems to get blamed for everything that goes wrong. In Mythology he was the one that carried messages between the gods and mortals.  His place in our chart tells us how we express our selves and communicate with others. You will see his influence in the way you walk, your hand writing, and even in your speech patterns.  Knowing Mercury’s placement in your chart can help you understand how you think and reason as well.  My Mercury is in Aquarius which means I am unconventional. For those that know me well, this comes as no surprise.

Mercury also makes us very aware of two’s and opposites, up-down, hot-cold, and so on.  His transit through a sign can be the reason we might have to do things twice.  He is always in the “now” and always gathering and transmitting information. It is easy to see how he is said to control all forms of communications from computers to letters to the spoken word. Retrogrades of any planet give that planet a more defined lens. They bring fated circumstances and the inevitable into focus.  When Mercury is in retrograde it’s like big cosmic do-over. It’s also easy to see why he is so often blamed for things going wrong when he is in retrograde.

Getting back to this week, we have the Sun saying good bye to Scorpio and saying hello to Sagittarius. Our focus will shift from the need to intimately connect with another person and ourselves, to a desire to connect with the world. I think this is a wonderful theme as we move full swing into the holiday season and a time we should be thinking outside ourselves.  I probably don’t have to tell you how huge the hunger problem is these days, with more and more homeless, near homeless, under and unemployed in the country. Please follow the lead Sagittarius is offering and give as much as you can and as often as you can to your local food banks. An organization called “Second Harvest” is a great choice.

The other sign change this week is with Venus. She will leave a very comfortable tour of Libra and move into a difficult transit through Scorpio. You may feel like you can’t get what want, what you need or what you desire. Venus as you probably already knows rules love and money. While she is in Scorpio you might feel as if you can’t get what you want or desire. Relationships might suffer some big bumps and so might the checking account. A word to the wise I would say, as we head into the holiday shopping season.

Thanksgiving day we find the Sun trine the Moon. These two a perfectly poised to remind us not to take or consume more than we can use. This means food, love and energy. Relax and enjoy all that is around you with going overboard.

As you sit down to your holiday feast, please remember that hunger is a big issue everywhere. The people affected by hurricane Sandy still need help too. I hope you will consider giving money to the Red Cross and also contributing to your local food banks.  Hunger now lives in all neighborhoods not just those on the “other side of the tracks”. The need is greater than ever before. Thank you!