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We have a busy week ahead of us this week! The elections are now behind us and it’s time to move forward. When it comes to TV commercial, forward seems to mean Christmas. And, as I mentioned last week Neptune has gone direct for the next few months, starting today he will be in his home sign of Pisces.  Neptune rules the sea and I expect to hear more news related to the water in the coming months. I’m hoping for some good news too.

We are also approaching the New Moon in Scorpio and a total solar eclipse to go along with it. Our neighbors in Northern Australia and parts of the South Pacific Ocean will have the pleasure of viewing this one. Pleasure may not be the right word to use however. Historically a total solar eclipse is the most feared of all heavenly events. Ancient cultures held all sorts or beliefs about a total eclipse; most of them viewed an eclipse as a bad omen or some evil attempt to permanently darken the Sun as the giver of life and light.

The bad omen makes sense. The word “eclipse” comes from a Greek word meaning abandonment. Many cultures thought a dragon or a demon was eating the sun and would bang drums and pots to scare the evil creature away. In India, the people took a different approach. There they immersed themselves in water up to their necks as a way to worship the Sun and give her strength to fight off the monster that was trying to devour her. 

Today, the biggest fear seems to be about damaging ones eye sight if you look at it directly. I must admit that this event is like no other I’ve ever experienced. The fact that the sun does dark, the air gets colder and you can see the animals react as if it were dusk tends to cause us to wonder deeply.

Eclipses happen in pairs and sometimes threes.  Sometimes people feel excited and edgy for an entire month around the eclipse. Others are only affected the day before, during and after, while others seem not to be affected at all. Many astrologers and others say the effects are felt six months after an eclipse. What has been noted historically is that eclipses seem to be associated with some is noteworthy event and even destructive ones. An eclipse has a great deal of emotional power thanks to the Moon. This power can be quite good and used for positive change if you choose to view it that way. The flip side is that is can cause us to take rash action. Over all this week is a good time to relax, take a break from the excitement as best you can and do some meditation.

Tuesday we also Neptune square a retrograde Mercury. Our intuition could be stronger but details could be hidden or overlooked. Some things could seem unclear and our thinking could be a bit fuzzy.

On Wednesday, Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio. Time to go back over some of the same things we covered in October. Our thoughts go deeper, are more investigative and often intense while we seek the truth of all things hidden. Saturn in Scorpio tends to make this all about us.  I know not everyone is interested in going deep into their past, their deepest emotions to find out what makes them tick, but know that this is good energy for doing so. You intellect is looking for answers and deep conversations.

The Sun, of course, is also in Scorpio. This sign is not only about uncovering the deep truth and things hidden, it is also about emotional extremes and intimacy. Midweek we will have four planets lending energy to these emotional extremes, intimacy, conversations and probing for answers.

As I write this today the people of Madrid Spain are in the 13th day of peaceful protest of the way Spanish banks deal with its failed mortgages. I love the gentle way these people are making their statement against the banks strong hand in these matters. You see, in Spain, even when you turn over your house to the bank you still owe the money. If it goes unpaid and you die, then your children inherit the debt.  I think this falls under intense emotions to say the least.

Mars will make its way in to Capricorn on Friday. Mars in mythology was the god of war. Astrology knows him as the CEO of Self Defense and Action. Capricorn likes to build and create careers. He is thoughtful and deliberate in his actions. He is old fashioned and traditional, respectful of his elders and like any good businessman, likes a return on his investment. His shadow side is cold and firm. Between Friday and December 25th, the energy of this combo will be one of careful thought and directed toward the future and the results of our actions. This might not be the best energy for holiday retail sales.

Make it a great week whatever you do. Give time and money to the Red Cross. Pray for those still without power in the north. Pray for the world.