Things we agreed to might not be working out so well. Allow yourself to change as needed.

I’ve been watching a British TV series from 1972 called “Upstairs, Downstairs”. The time line for the show is the early 20th century. The “Upstairs” part refers to  the aristocratic family that lives in the house and the “downstairs” refers to the servants that work for the family. There is clearly a strong cast system operating in the world at that time. To some extent there still is.

As we evolve into the new humans we are to become, shift DNA etc, these social divides are slowly falling away. It occurred to me last night that our recent election was a reflection of this evolution. To me it seems clear that there was a party of the old school or third dimension and a party of the new school, change and the 5th dimension. Please take this for the observation it is and not a political discourse. I simply see this election as a reflection of the current dimensional shift.

I welcome comments along this line as long as they stay within the bounds of the topic of the shift and do not become a platform for political venting or any sort or political ranting as this is not a political blog. Thanks!