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Welcome to November. Hope you remembered to run your clocks back. What exciting and transformative energy awaits us this month. Not only will we find out who is going to be president for the next four years but we also have three planetary stations; more if you count the asteroids. I won’t confuse you with them now. Astrology for the average person is difficult enough without adding asteroids to it. I promise to fill you in on all of them at some point in the near future. For now, I’m sticking with just the planets we all know. Mercury is the first to station and does so, at 6: 04 PM EST on the 6th. He will also turn direct before the month’s end, on the 26th. This Election Day timing is sure interesting and has happened before. Remember the election of 2000? The race between George Bush and Al Gore was a close one but Gore was proclaimed the winner. Mercury stationed and changed direction the day after the election. When it did, so did the elections results and George Bush was declared the winner. Anytime Mercury changes course on or near a big event it raises eyebrows. This time he retrogrades back into Scorpio. This could perhaps bring on some feelings of jealousy, spite and even the public protest.

Another point of Election Day interest is that on Tuesday the Moon will be in the last quarter. I have read that this points to a crisis of consciousness. I think no matter who is elected; this could be the theme at hand for the newly elected. We are also getting ready for the new Moon next week when we begin anew. We will also have an eclipse to look forward to then.

Neptune opposes the Moon at mid week and this could add some dreamy creativity to our emotions. Neptune is retrograde in Pisces for a few more days. Spiritual and psychic things go to the back of the room for now. Finish up those creative projects you’ve been putting off. It will soon be time to start new ones.

Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Gemini is ongoing. Did you hear about the typhoon that happened on the opposite side of the planet this week? It hit near the same time Sandy hit New York. What an example of the energy of these two planets on hard aspect coupled with the expansive power of Jupiter in Gemini opposite Mars in Sagittarius. Wow! What punch that was! I have learned that few people in the US hear about this event however. Most of those that did, listen to the British Broadcasting on NPR. I could say some things about the idea of cutting funding for NPR here but will be kind and keep to the topic of astrology.

Jupiter is pretty much opposite Mars all week. Try not to overestimate yourself or put yourself at risk of physical endangerment. Accidents do happen. With all the downed trees, leaves to rake and other forms of manual work that needs to be done, be aware that leaf raking and tree cutting can cause heart attacks or other injuries just like snow shoveling.

I think this comes close to covering the week’s high points. I know I am tired. I got up earlier than usual today. Perhaps I need to go take a nap and get the extra hour of sleep I missed last night? If you have not voted yet, please do on Tuesday. Have a great week! Get out and enjoy the fall air and don’t forget to donate as much as you can (every little bit helps) to the Red Cross who is working tirelessly to help those in need in the Northeast. Millions are still without power and a Nor’easter is moving in on them. Pray for the lonely, shut in and homeless.