It’s long been believed that this is the time of year the veils between the worlds are the most thin. This makes it easier for our deceased loved ones to communicate with us. The electromagnetic field of the planet helps with this too and its been weakening for years. With all the solar activity of late, I feel sure the veil is about as weak as its ever been. I am however not sure of this, its just a guess on my part. Perhaps some of you have more info on this.

I urge you to spend some time in quiet thought tonight or anytime the next few days and see what comes to mind. See if your loved ones that have crossed over come to mind. What ever you hear, whatever comes to mind, don’t take it as just your imagination. When the spirits speak to us it is as subtle as a thought: so much so that it can be mistaken as an imaginative thought.

There are of s course times I have actually heard, or at least thought I hear voices. And although I have often been told I am crazy or nuts, I have never been accused of actually losing my mind. I have heard voices of my father and one of my grandmothers call my name. Nothing more, just my name. I hear a friend sometimes too but he comes to me telepathicly.

So, if tonight, Halloween night is not a good time for you to attempt to connect with the other side, try to do this tomorrow. The veil is not thin for any exact amount of time. Try this tomorrow or the next day. Do it and see if anything  or anyone comes to you. I would love to hear about any experiences you may have so come back and leave a comment. Thanks in advance!

Happy Halloween!