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  This week begins with hurricane Sandy moving ever so slowly and about to make landfall in the area of New Jersey or New York. This storm could linger through as many as eight high tides around the full moon in the earth sign of Taurus which is opposite the Sun in the water sign of Scorpio. The result could be a whole lot of mud.

The Gulf Stream has migrated unusually far north this year and is feeding Sandy moist warm air. At the same time there is a mass of cold arctic air moving east toward the same area. Meteorologists don’t have a model for this scenario and are not totally sure what to expect. They do know this collision will no doubt bring heavy rains and high wind over much of the Northeast. Millions of people are preparing for this event.

Monday, the Full Moon is in Taurus. What it being illuminated in your world by the Moon’s light? To begin with, the Sun (in Scorpio), representing our conscious mind, will be opposing the Moon which represents the unconscious mind. The Scorpio Sun turns our focus to mysteries and things intangible. It has emotional extremes, love intimacy, like depth and is far from being superficial.

The positive side of a Taurus Moon is loyal, has a good sense of self, good body image, and feels well rooted, secure and resistant to change. This Moon likes to chill, watch the sun set over a nice dinner, a glass of wine and good conversation. It might also be keeping a close eye on its resources and money. The shadow side could look for some ways to heal low self esteem, strengthen the body image and security about money, and enjoy nature and simple beauty more.

The Taurus Moon can also shed light on our stubborn areas and the places we are attached to the point of being a detriment to ourselves. The strong Taurus Loyalty will help us overcome the obstacles of our shadow side, heal and get back to balance. Should you feel your emotions needing to spill out from the deep recesses of your being, don’t resist. Let them flow. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel without stifling them. Trapped emotions often manifest later in ways we have rather they not.

There is so much symbolism with this moon. It comes at the end of the month. The end, the fall, the harvest time, all perfect timing for project completion and clearing out those things that no longer serve. Personally? I am grateful this theme repeats each month.

Wednesday is Halloween and it is said the veil between worlds more thin at this time than any other during the year. The sun has also been rather active lately. This lowers the magnetic field around the earth and adds the thing veil as well. Don’t be surprised if you have dreams involving the deceased this week. They may be trying to tell you something. The near full moon will add to the excitement of all the Halloween ghouls and goblins that roam the streets in search of treats. Kids, don’t forget to brush your teeth.

Thursday, Venus leaves Virgo and moves to Libra. We might see ourselves reflected in others and attempt to balance our lives/world by making people happy. This move also puts Venus opposite the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square aspect. All of our one-on-one relationships could get hit. This means relationships between people and countries.

Saturday night, be sure to turn your clocks back. Daylight savings time comes to end. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep.

Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe and have fun!